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August 22, 2014


If one of the rest of us have something we thing would be a decent post, we could always e-mail it in. The "e-mail me" link (just under the cat) isn't real big, but it isn't invisible.

Ahh, that email is not accessible by any of the current front pagers. I'll work on changing it after I get back from a weekend school excursion with my youngest

Ya gotta love technology!

I wonder what will turn up in there, when you finally get access....

I anti-nominate myself. Saves you all trouble, I know.

I'd be willing but rarely have enough to say that would justify a full post.

I think it would be interesting for people to submit articles as "posts". For example, discuss ISIS, using this article as an inspiration for comment.

No need to be a journalist. There are many wonderful people out there being paid for their work.

And, yes, let's discuss ISIS.

Like the El Paso sheriff in No Country for Old Men said, it's beyond everything (though it's really not, sadly enough). I have faith in individual human beings, but I regularly lose faith in humanity.

I regularly lose faith in humanity.

It's a good line in a work of fiction but, when we are part of humanity, isn't it our job to figure out what to do? Obviously we can't solve everything, and we're destined to be disappointed in humanity in general. But we can be more than observers.

"It's beyond everything" is a good line in a work of fiction. The rest is just me.

The only way I can regularly lose faith in humanity is to have it periodically. Sometimes I see, hear or read things like the New Yorker piece on ISIS, and I feel like giving up - for some amount of time.

I'm not suggesting that I or anyone else should simply shrug their shoulders and say, "Oh, well. That's people for you."

OK, the email link is now going to my address. Not sure who has the keys for the old address. If you have a guest post, send it there or if you want to nominate someone so they can bust out their impression of William Tecumseh Sherman impression ("I will not accept if nominated, and will not serve if elected.")

My own nominee for a jihadist article--


Not really much to add though, except I think the article is worth reading.

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