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August 15, 2014


Lo and behold, a pool would be really cool.

But since this is an open thread, I would invite the Count's (or anyone's, but was thinking of the Count's) thoughts on Robin Williams. Not his death, necessarily, but his life, and his improvisational humor.

Ebisu bridge (Google Street View)

Perhaps someone can explain the logic here to me. How is it that a weapon can be illegal to use in warfare (under the Chemical Werapons Convention), but still acceptable for use in crowd control?

I'm not trying to start a discussion of the merits of the gas per se. (In my experience, CN is a very minor hassle, whereas CS is the sort of stuff that you go out of your way to avoid walking thru visible clouds.) But what is the reasoning that leads something to be too awful for use against enemies (or to want used against our own troops, if you prefer), but no problem at all to use against our own citizens?

Google Street View Says Japan Is Top Virtual Tourism Spot in Asia

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