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July 27, 2014


Could you post a link separate of the embedded video? Since the Daily Show is blocked outside the US, I'll have to try to circumvent that. Without a direct link that won't work or I see no chance of finding that clip in the first place.



Thanks Thompson and I'll try to remember that in the future, Hartmut. I'm a bit surprised, I'm able to get it here in Japan, so they must be blocking it to Europe, but not to Asia?

Heck, now my posts here get eaten too :-(

lj, lots of British stuff seems to be only available to British (and maybe Commonwealth) users. Not German cesnorship there. Where a lot gets blocked by a German organisation is youtube. The GEMA (they guys who seriously thought about fining people whistling copyrighted melodies in public) is extremly trigger happy and will block videos for alleged copyright violations without actually checking the veracity of the claims.


Can't get at that DailShow clip even through the standard (free) proxy servers I know. Either I get a loading error or I get to the website and find nothing clickable (i.e. not even the message "sorry not available at your location".

Still no success but now I remember that The Young Turks had a clip about that too a few days ago, if this is about the kayak shaped like the vulva of the women designing it.

The story, summarized:

Japanese Artist Arrested For Letting People 3-D Print Models Of Her Vagina.

The Daily Show's take:

Now, you’re probably wondering “Why would someone sell 3D models of their vagina?” Well, duh, to raise money… to 3D print an even bigger vagina; specifically, a vagina-shaped boat…which, if I’m not mistaken, is also the plot of Field of Dreams.
Stewart finds his answer, sort of, in an annual phallus-themed parade in Kawasaki, and in the Japanese folk legend behind it. "Look, Japan, I don't want to tell you how to run your country," he said, "but just think about it this way: America has a long tradition of allowing its female artists to express their innermost thoughts — and as a result, we don't spend 51 weeks a year storing a giant steel dick in our garage."

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