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January 01, 2014


It is a bookplate aka Exlibris, a graphic sign of ownership usually glued to the inside of the front cover. Escher did a number of these. They are among his lesser known works.
I hope that I will get a job this year. It's becoming a bit frustrating especially when many companies don't even have the courtesy to automatically acknowledge that they received the application and even those that do often do not notify one when they have decided that someone else got the job. It's not my style to call once a week to ask (it would also not help if I sat on the other end of the line and got pestered, so I consider it a potentially counterproductive move).
I did not finish my saga as I hoped but now I am working on the same story in an epic form (Nibelungen stanzas, 412 by last evening) and fear to overtake myself sooner or later.

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