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December 24, 2013


Put it inside. When our temperatures went down into the teen recently, stuff froze *inside* our "outside refrigerator" located in a part of the house that, although indoors, was not directly heated.

I'd keep it inside.

This past thanksgiving, we brined our turkey in the vegetable drawer of our fridge. It was a small bird (13 pounds maybe), but it fit perfectly.

Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a good night.

If that's as cold as it's going to get, brine is unlikely to freeze. But it's also unlike to thaw all your ice fast enough to cause a problem if you bring it indoors.

I think you could get away with either option, to tell the truth. We kept our's in the garage while brining it for Christmas, and checked it a couple times a day. Still had ice in the bags by Thanksgiving morning.

Bury it at least 18 inches deep....should be perfect.

Merry Christmas to all.

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