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September 09, 2013



I suppose its intentional, but I can't make out much of the display text. The cityscape doesn't quite match, but I'm guessing Thailand. I have reasons.

Kyrgyzstan, though I can't figure out which city or which address.

Anthony's right. The peso and som are pretty close in value.

If it is Kyrgystan, I hope LJ will give us a detailed description of what he experiences there.

Hi gang!

I have a post ready to go. Not terrifically time-sensitive: it's High Holy Days-related, not news-related. 1100 words, 3 pictures. How long should I wait before posting, so as to not step on LJ?

Doc Sci: Do it now! No reason a "substantive" post should ever be blocked by an open thread.

My guess is that is the current and 30day forward currency exchange rates for the som (top line is US dollar) posted outside the Coco Cabana night club in Bishkek.

I hear it's a swinging place. Are you meeting Dick Cheney there, L.J.? Buy a drink for him on me.

Then throw it in his face.

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