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September 16, 2013


See, if you wait for a very short time in today's fast-moving world, the triple threads of who's cleaning the toilets, irresponsible gun ownership, and Capitol Hill efforts to starve the toilet cleaners get tied into one very neat news bundle:

From the count's link:

The incident report states that the gun "was fully loaded with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine." Capitol police returned the gun to Evans after Jones' secretary Lisa Bondurant called to report that it was misplaced.

My druthers, if you leave a loaded pistol with one in the chamber on top of the toilet in a public loo, you forfeit your concealed carry license.

That's just the way I roll. Call me crazy.

Since we seem to be injecting every other topic of conversation into this thread, I just thought I'd chime in on that as well.

Just looking for places where bobbyp and I might not be in so violent a disagreement.

Ethanol subsidies appear to have gone off the rails as an effective policy, so sure, that's an ax I would consider, but you absolutely must let me divide by zero or I get off my game. That or give me strokes.

I'd favor confiscating their right to use the toilet, even in their homes, as well, but I'm afraid the NRA and the National Potty Council would merely outfit their members with concealed colostomy bags and diapers, amid some Sturm and Drang rhetoric declaring that the Second Amendment absolutely secures the right to poop.

Although given the sh*t that comes out of Ted Cruz's mouth, I think the First Amendment would be a better claim in the Supreme Court, despite the fact that Justice Thomas has only hit the head once during his Court tenure.

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