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September 22, 2013


on the theory they weren't fit to live in the company of whites

err, cite?

Abraham Lincoln would have shipped the freed slaves to Liberia

err, cite?

There is something to Brett's claim, however the reality doesn't speak quite as negatively of Lincoln as you might surmise from Brett's post.

At the time of the Civil War, black slaves were something more than 10% of the total population of the US. The position they had held would (thankfully) no longer exist, but no new position for them existed in society.

As a purely pragmatic logistical problem, it was huge.

One option was for them to emigrate, either to Liberia (which had already been established as a home for expatriate freed slaves) or to a colony to be created for that purpose.

To my knowledge, it was never Lincoln's intent that anyone who DID NOT WANT TO EMIGRATE be forced to do so against their will.

And, it would not be at all surprising if there were lots of former slaves who would have been happy to leave.

Yes he would have, or so he planned, though I suspect he would have disappointed the South and even some abolitionist northerners one more time had he lived by not following through on the Liberia plan, given Lincoln's uniquely non-Republican and very American trait of changing his mind, compromising his long-held principles to suit his and our (not enough of us) better nature.

"Better", as in unlike the uncompromising, formerly and largely Democratic-turned-Republican South which has to this day, because they have not been assassinated, much to the detriment of this country, but rather have been permitted to live to cement their reputations and follow the devils of their sub-human nature.

Strom Thurmond, for one, lived all the way to 100 years of age without a bullet in the back of the head as he burnished HIS reputation.

John Wilkes Booth (not there was an entertainer; what an act!) would have had to shoot Lincoln again if the latter had survived the first killing attempt and was left for a few more years of contemplation regarding the stupidity of his Liberia plan.

If Lincoln were alive today, there are vermin serving in the House of Representatives, elected by similar vermin, who would keep shooting Lincoln in the f*cking head with their beloved f*cking weapons, unless they forgot their f*cking guns in the f*cking toilet, as he tried to avert their contemporary tactics of uncompromising political hostage-taking.

As in "South Park", every day it would be "Oh no, they shot Lincoln again!".

"What did he do this time?"

"He changed his mind."

To my knowledge, it was never Lincoln's intent that anyone who DID NOT WANT TO EMIGRATE be forced to do so against their will.


and furthermore, Brett is trolling asserting that Lincoln was in favor of the Liberia thing because he thought blacks "weren't fit to live in the company of whites".

i'd like to see a cite for that.

lacking that, i'll have to assume that Brett is trolling, again.

"As a purely pragmatic logistical problem, it was huge."

Read this book .....


.... for some historical insight into the "problems" abolitionist England had in both offering cover for freed slaves AND setting some of them up for "freedom" by settling them to Sierra Leone.

But by comparison to say, South Carolina, which yearned to be an independent, but unexceptional slave Nation, England on this one issue at that time was the exceptional nation on Earth.

Too bad this racist Republican filth, elected by racist Republican subhuman vermin, didn't have a John Wilkes Booth to shut HIS mouth with a bullet before he could set his reputation in stone.

Along with the other racist Republican vermin named in the article for whom assassination has not yet been an option.


" i'll have to assume that Brett is trolling, again."

Print this out. Under it write, in large letters, "DNFTT." Affix it above your screen.
Apply as needed.

Scale Model of murderer Nurse Rafael Cruz, complete set, with wardrobe, available now to Republican primary voters who vote to kill their fellow Americans:


I'd suggest the House of Representatives let the hostage girl (s) go:


The old standard ... The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

I'd prefer the title: The Man Who Watered Liberty Valance's Tree

In the first scene, early on circa 1993-4 in the first go-round the Gingrich Gang's Republican murderer Liberty Rafael Cruz Valance (you see that he's called "Liberty"; they always call themselves by deceiving aliases, sometimes they call themselves Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King; American murderers can never settle for Bob or Jim or Rafael but I knew him as Nancy) disrupts the town.

Strother Martin plays Valance's sidekick; he's the Republican right wing media and internet accomplice cackling sadistically in the background as Valance bullies the unarmed, peaceful statesman played by Ji.., uh Ji..., ..Jimmy ji.. jim.. Jimmy Stewart there.

Yes, and there's Andy Devine, as earlier throwback Democrat scurrying for cover.

Someone always has to intervene in American history and protect the naive from the vermin, before the vermin are disarmed that is..


In the second scene, vermin be dead after upping earlier Republican antes to include killing everyone in town, bankrupting the territory, and turning the town medical dispensary into a saloon.

Unfortunately, this clip cuts before John Wayne, after doing the necessary deed, tosses the gun to Pompey, who apparently Abraham Lincoln would have sent to Liberia but got interrupted in reconsidering the plan by a fatal gunshot from an earlier Liberty Valance, Southern Democrat John Wilkes Booth, who was unfortunately for some put to death before he could join the "modern" Republican Party and assassinate Barack Obama and defund Obamacare.


or keep the boy.....

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