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August 08, 2013


Very disappointing, though I can't say I'm surprised, that the NYT endorsed Booker the other day. Faced with a choice between a real liberal and a Wall Street centrist who criticized the Obama campaign for being too hard on Bain Capital, the NYT chose the centrist.

For anyone who wants to look, here's the unfortunate NYT endorsement--


I'm too far away to have any influence, but I wish your guy well. Booker is good on dog rescue issues, though. :)

As a good Democrat who believes to the center of his few remaining dessicated bones that the meanders justify the terminals, I will pledge here and now to vote for Rush Holt at least 20 times as per the direction I have received from our exalted mad dog feminazi, height challenged Senator Patty Murray, and the rich red blood of Tammany that runs through my collapsed arteries. For you lickspittle waterers of Liberty's trees-get a case of Evian and have at it.

They accept absentee ballots, right?

Can't vote for him; donated, and will talk to my Jersey friends.

I have a lot of NJ friends who I can assume would be less than sympathetic with the views of Rush Holt, judging from the crap they put on facebook and what they say at parties. But I wouldn't expect them to vote in a Dem primary.

I have some friends, though, who would be very likely to vote for Holt, assuming that they would vote at all or where even aware of the special election. Time and money being what they are for me, I will at least make those people aware of the election, if they aren't already, and urge them to vote.

I figure there will be very low turnout for this, so it's a great chance to vote with a proportionally greater effect than usual. At the very, very least, there are two Holt voters coming from my house.

My personal GOTV e-mail campaign has officially commenced.

His first name had to be Rush, did it?

On the other hand , I'll pay a guy to affix a "Rush for Holt" bumper sticker to Limbaugh's Bulgemobile leading up to the election.

And car bombs.

Oh, well...


So sad.

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