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April 13, 2013


I'm envious. I'd like to see that! I went to the Yukon a bunch of years ago, hoping to see the aurora, but it never got dark.

I saw the Aurora on a beach in Delaware 20 some years ago. It was faint and pale. I only saw it because my girlfriend and I decided to walk away from town where it was dark.
I'm in swdeden now so I will take a good look tonight. Maybe I'll luck out if the sky stays clear.
A couple weeks ago the news showed an amazing shot of the aurora over stockholm. It showed a georgeous purple blaze across the sky.

Despite many holidays in Norway, I have only once (in the far North) seen a tiny bit of aurora, and that looked more like a few clouds that for some unknown reason had turned green.

Clouds last night, dammit.

I recall years ago, (Fall of 2001, I think.) back in Michigan, one night I went out for some reason, looked up, and there was a wave of color crashing across the sky. I briefly shot in to email a friend, and then spent the next hour getting a crick in my neck as the entire sky lit up all the way to the southern horizon. And this was southern Michigan. I'd never seen anything so spectacular before.

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