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April 25, 2013


make that NOT responsible

WARNING: I know very little, or to be honest I know nothing! All I have here for you is hearsay and I can't recall links to where I read that hearsay. Banks Environmental is not where I read that there were some homes in the neighborhood before the plant arrived. It said nothing about the schools. I resign at investigative reporting. Not my trade or calling.

But first here's one more piece of hearsay, the plant greatly expanded its inventory of ammonium nitrate fertilizer when all the other suppliers in the area went out of business after the crash of 2008.

Really Bad things happen all the time and it is seldom the result of evil. It is almost always the result of ignorance.
Have no interest in digging to assign blame and then move on. Want to understand what went wrong and not do that again.

Perhaps willful ignorance should be labeled Criminal Stupidity and carry jail time, but where is the benefit in that. We'd need a big prison and this community has already been punished.

I'm not angry, I'm depressed.
My mind does not go to assigning blame it almost always goes to coulda-shouda.

In 1984 the area had been subdivided into a residential neighborhood, houses were being built and someone must have been thinking of schools. What encouraged Mr. Donald Adair to move his business there? Its former sitting a half mile south of Up in Smoke BBQ seems ideal to me (no need for fire detection alarms or other disaster prevention measures). He coulda-shoulda stayed where he was.

When the neighborhood and Adair's business grew and changed he coulda-shoulda moved back to that location and subdivided his prime real-estate next to all the schools into more residential lots.

OK going to coulda-shoulda is not helping me much. Need to move on and focus on stuff I can effect.

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