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April 15, 2013


I remember years ago seeing an incredible sunset in New Hampshire. I rushed home to try to recreate it in an oil painting and only ended up with piles of drab colors. I couldn't even come close to duplicating the colors. Now I know not to, to just enjoy the colors I'm privileged to witness.

There is still something about all the colors of spring. Driving home yesterday along a street lined with white and pink flowering trees whose branches fully shielding the sky, I felt like I was up in the clouds.

Yes, I've noticed that---the colors of nature sometimes look awesome in nature, but the same colors would look tacky and garish eslewhere.

It's weird that "earth tones" refer to dull colors when so often the colors of this earth are brilliant. i suppose it depends on how you define "earth": dirt, or natural in genneral?

Anyway one of my eyeball-stunning experiences with the garish but lovely colors of the earth happened on the DempsterHigway in Yukon gterritory. There'a a placde where the raod climbs out of the river valley, up on to the edge of a plateau.

ANd the view is beyond awesome: layers of colors in a landscape abstracted by distance. That vivid green is the forground color along with fields of fireweed, in shades of violet. Then a dark vibrant bluegreen in the distance shading into ultramarine and white. Slashes of orange in the muskeg, and slashes of lime along the river (willows). A cold blue Eden.

I took pictures but of course the sanps shots diminished thereal thing.

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower / Drives my green age

sez Dylan Thomas.

Spring kicks in not quite a month late around here. The grass hasn't really woken up yet, but the early bulbs are well along, the pear and the lilac and the larch are showing leaf buds, and everything is generally moist and muddy, just like spring should be.

Also, nothing says "spring" like mending rock walls and breaking out the good old winch and chain to pull a stump or two. Ibuprophen is my friend.

We seem to think we're the crown of creation. The world humors us and goes on about its business.

Happy spring to all from chilly New England.

spring is fully sprung here. bloomed and leafed and the green has closed in all around. the pines have coated every surface in what looks like fine fresh corn meal.

i planted a pink dogwood in a small clearing behind our house because nothing says "Spring!" like a spray of dogwood blossoms. next year, if it survives.

nothing says "spring" like mending rock walls..

Obvious, but I can't resist. Why mend the walls?

My apple trees will never get across
And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.

sez our own New England guy.

WOW, the japanese location looks great :-)
Is there a hires-version of this image?

Obvious, but I can't resist. Why mend the walls?

LOL. Yes, Frost will want to know why, and it's a good question.

In my case the "walls" are about 6" (inches) high and exist to keep gravel from the driveway out of my wife's perennial beds, and to keep the mulch in.

So, yeah, "walls", but it's kind of like the "stonehenge" thing in Spinal Tap.

The stump was from a quince. The birds loved it, but my wife got tired of being stabbed repeatedly by its big sharp thorns every time she worked anywhere nearby.

Darn. There goes my pastoral image of russell tending to his flock of sheep.

we have sheep, just really really little ones.

As for green grass, I put down a layer of fescue seed on my lawn several weeks ago. But as I was going, I saw that the spinner on my broadcaster wasn't turning, and the seed was just plopping out in a stream. I tried to rake the seeds around, but nevertheless I now have a narrow fairy path of bright green fescue seedlings, snaking around the yard.

I am more of an autumn person and was always fascinated about the autumn colours appearing in what looks like a coordinated move, sometimes in a matter of hours (or so it seems). Just another reason to go to Norway in the fall/late summer.
Btw, my favorite painter of nature is Ivan Shishkin. I am simply unable to grasp how he was able to not just produce one but many forest/tree pictures that rival anything that could be done even with a high quality photo camera.

Golf is a game designed to enrage its participants.

As for the green...at my old stomping grounds, we had http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/billperry/billperry1202/billperry120200010/12234175-yellow-green-wheat-fields-roads-and-farms-from-steptoe-butte-at-palouse-washington-state-pacific-nor.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.123rf.com/photo_12234175_yellow-green-wheat-fields-roads-and-farms-from-steptoe-butte-at-palouse-washington-state-pacific-nor.html&h=783&w=1200&sz=186&tbnid=oK4HUpXg6-XY-M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=138&zoom=1&usg=__MtW1ruSB7a-XG2VoGXMMjkDyNaY=&docid=53wMlj9sua1sKM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=K1JvUciXJ4aviAKu5IHYCQ&ved=0CDMQ9QEwAQ&dur=469> miles and miles of it in late spring.


It's possible that it was cropped from this one, though I'm not sure.


Wow, that is a LOT of green. Gorgeous.

Nice, Hartmut. Thank you. Didn't know Shishkin.

this reminded me of a book I used to read my kids - kittens want green paint cuz everything they like is green: green as cats' eyes, green as grass, by streams of water green as glass.
The Color Kittens

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