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April 03, 2013



Sorry about that - I stubbed my toe.

So: in your analogy, is Ugh a patriot or a tyrant?

I believe that the National Rifle Association has modified that to say that "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of toddlers"

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

So wrote Jefferson, on the topic of Shays Rebellion, from his truly excellent digs in Paris, where he was personally refreshed by the wine of tyrants.

The wine was accompanied by fine food prepared by James Hemmings, Jefferson's slave and the half-brother of his late wife, and likely served by the teen-aged Sally Hemmings, domestic servant, traveling companion of his daughter Polly, half-sister of his late wife, property of his late wife and thus of Jefferson, and comforter of Jefferson in his lonely late-middle-aged widowhood.

The girl wore a lot of hats.

Sadly, it was difficult for Jefferson to contribute much more than his words to the refreshment of the tree of liberty from such a distance.

Jefferson had a really nice garden though. No doubt he didn't do much of the digging, or the watering, or the refreshing of that either. But nice artichokes!

Geez, no pressure here at the mothership....

It was this or do something exploiting the interjection and the name, which hairshirt got to immediately. But when I googled the quote, your fate was sealed...

I must say I have a very low opinion of Tertullian's character. He was the spiritual ancestor of the modern 'Left Behind' and openly gloated about how in the afterlife they (the Christians, esp. the martyrs) would have a box seat in heaven with full view of hell, so they could find joy in watching the eternal suffering of the pagans and renegades. I don't mind that he was a killjoy, that came with the territory, but this delight about the misery of others I find disgusting.

It's one thing to take the quote as an observation/prediction/commentary. It's quite another to take it as a directive -- and I keep running across people who to take it that way. (I find myself regretting that I am unable to run over them - physically. It might not water the Tree of Liberty, but it would definitely weed the garden.)

come on ugh, wow us!


"Friday" ?

It's Friday somewhere, amirite? No?

If it's always Tuesday somewhere, it follows that it is also always Friday somewhere....

Happy Thursday to you,
Happy Thursday to you,
Happy Thursday, dear Alice,
Happy Thursday to you.

A Birthday for Frances

That Jefferson quote always troubles me. Whether observation or prescription, it's a little too bloodthirsty for my taste.

Not to mention that the world has changed more in the last two centuries than it had for, well, jeez - it's hard to even say how long before two centuries ago - some number of millennia I'd guess. That, and Jefferson wasn't a god, or even a nearly perfect man, as russell noted well with specific examples of significant personal failings.

It's used, like several others from our Founding Fathers, like an out-of-context biblical quote, which I find equally (un)persuasive.

"Feh!", I say. "Feh!" to the whole business of it all!!!

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