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April 30, 2013


I love that vid so much. It's my current happy place.

Unfortunately I cannot watch the movie because one of the most hated organisations in Germany (the>GEMA) blocks access since nobody paid them the fees allowing it to be used. That's the same guys that some time ago tried to have courts declare the private whistling of a song on public land a 'public performance' requiring fees to be paid.

I had not seen that video before. Thank you. It was great.


you should be able to DL it directly at bironic's LJ.

This immediately reminded me of my previous favorite pan-fandom fanvid: thingswithwings' ManPain fanvid (and its accompanying meta) set to Wax Mannequin's "The Price."

A very different flavor of emotional bouillon, to be sure, but an equally impressive reduction of a certain feeling across many works of fiction.

Thanks, Doc. That one worked.

If you like that you might also like space girl.

I can't believe that you discussed fanvids as concentrated media experiences and failed to mention the awesome "Bad Apple" video based on the Touhou series! Also over here for a YouTube link.

There is the John Carter Fan Trailer, which not only better than the official trailer, it is better than the movie.

For detailed information on the Star Trek reboot, I recommend starting with "Star Trek by the Minute 001" on StructuredDream.

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