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March 15, 2013


Last post 3/15 and 0 comments. It would appear the blog has died. That’s a real shame. I had to leave, but I do check back several times a year. I’ve never seen it like this.

Maybe it’s all group think now and no one bothers to post anything that goes against the group mind?

Do you all need someone to come by and stir shit up? Wow – if I was still commenting here, some things I might have asked recently…

Obama – how do you like him now?
-Drone policy?
-Gay marriage?
-Privacy rights?
-Executive privilege?
-Arab spring?
-North Korea?
-Budget proposal?

The dude is Bush Lite on so many levels…

Abortion is always good for hundreds of comments:
Gosnell – Media blackout? (Hint – YES!)

2nd Amendment?

Really? There is no one around to push your buttons anymore? Backstory on that?

Hey OCSteve,
Good to see you, but I think that your browser might not be refreshing as we have had a few posts since 3/15.

As is usually the case, some things happened at exactly the wrong time, so it took a lot longer to sort things out then one might expect. Ugh has joined the front page and I am now trying to figure out how to update sidebars (god help us), but I'm in the first week of classes here in the land of Wa, so those damned students keep popping up. I often feel that my life as a teacher would be much easier if they could get rid of the students, but hesitate to voice that cause with demographics, that is basically what is happening (yikes!)

I'll reiterate the call for regulars to send guest posts (Laura had a wonderful one that may have set the bar too high) to libjpn at gmail and drop into the latest friday open thread if you have suggestions, comments or ideas.

Good to hear your voice, O.C.

I'm traveling at the moment and relegated to the iPad, but I hope you stick around.

We could do blood pressure cuffs at 50 paces and see whose head explodes first.

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