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March 31, 2013


The common ordinary everyday pigeons in New Zealand look like the stuffed passenger pigeon in the museum where I grew up. It gave me chills seeing them sitting on the electric wires and in the trees.

I'm a birdwatcher, too, although not at our level. We have Virginia rails out here. I saw one once on an Audobon bird walk. I find it very life-enhancing to be aware of birds and plants.

what a cute little bird.

Re: Your comment about getting your mind around 360 degree vision.

The Oculus Rift (inexpensive 3D virtual reality headset) is currently getting into the hands of developers (haven't got mine yet, though). Within a modelled 3D world, it should be quite possible to map what you see into any give eye location, so you could try out what it is like to have 180 degree eyes on each side of your head. It would probably be nausea inducing at first, but I'll bet with persistence you could learn to navigate this way. You could even put wide-angle webcams on the sides of your head and see the actual world this way. (This was not my idea. Being discussed on a forum at the developer site, login required.)

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