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January 18, 2013


I'd have thought you'd be done taking your exams by now.

/tongue in cheek

Lots of fun here, too: bookkeeping and taxes. Got to get the 2012 books closed for a (small) business, so I can do the 1099s for the partners. Who knows, if I get on a roll, I might even get started on my own taxes.

Then again, I may take refuge in a bunch of programming for my day job. Especially since I have discovered that I get more code written while watching football than I do in the same amount of time at my desk. Go figure!

I'm one week into a 4 week trial. We have Friday's off. I'm working this weekend. Ya'll have fun.

i'm going to spend this weekend, and the next X years, wondering if the leak i just discovered in the roof is going to cause our house to fill up with toxic black mold.

I just did yet another sleep study to verify that I have sleep apnea, since after being fitted and titrated for a BIPAP (like a C-PAP, but more so) Medicare, in its wisdom, decided that the original diagnostic study was too old (2006) to prove I needed it, even though the condition has only deteriorated since.

You'll be grounding airplanes?

I will be going to a meeting because I am on the Board of the gated community where I reside.

No one is more shocked at my presence on the Board than I am.

diapers - that's all I got. Discuss.

Grounding airplanes is best done when they're stationary.

Livened up Saturday by seeing Maria Stuarda in "The Met Live in HD" at the theatre - with a wonderful new (to me) soprano Elisabetta/Queen Elizabeth who was like a cross between Miranda Richardson in Blackadder ("Who's queen?") and Ray Lewis on 'roids. Then at home in the evening watched the recent movie of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, with Gary Oldman almost up to the standards of Alec Guiness in the 1979 mini-series.

It may be a crappy world, but some creative people are still doing wonderful stuff. And multiple levels down the "creativity" ladder, I've got to get up tomorrow (Sunday) morning to sing spirituals in Duke Chapel Choir on MLK Sunday.

Ah, forgot to supply the soprano's name: Elza van den Heever (South African)

Joyce di Donato was brilliant in the title role, but less memorable on stage. The main trouble (for my money) with the opera is that Leicester - whom the guy behind me, explaining the plot in advance to his wife, kept pronouncing "Lie-chester" - beloved by BOTH female leads, is such a combination of weasel and wet fish that you just know that both of them could do better, no matter how lyrical his tenor voice.

I really shouldn't be posting this late - my mind can't quite keep up with itself. When I said Joyce D was "less memorable on stage," I meant only less memorable than the tour de force of Elza vdH as Elizabeth, not that her striking stage presence was less memorable than her remarkable voice. Both women were great, in VERY different ways.

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