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January 21, 2013


"[1] does it strike anyone else as weird that there are fishing "grounds" in the ocean? Ok, just me then ..."

No, that's odd.

There's a dating/hookup site, I'm told, called "Plenty Of Fish". The frequenting of which, for the wrong people, again I'm told, could be "grounds" for divorce.

One would bait one's hook and cast one's line, I venture, perchance to trawl, but one fears there would be no bites. Or too much biting, maybe.

But sometimes one just needs a "chum", etc, etc. Then one comes to believe there should be strict fishing limits imposed by some international body, a phrase fraught in and of itself if we're talking about Virni Lisi, which we aren't.

I once thought "Happy Hunting Grounds" was an evocative name for the afterlife despite being encrusted with cliche, though one (the rhetorical one) also wondered where the animals' spirits went on from there. Back here, again?

Until the NRA got hold of it and changed it to "Happy Self-Defense Grounds" and now worse, "Happy High Volume Magazines with Armor-Piercing Ammo To Fight Government Tyranny Grounds".

One would expect, at the very least, succinctness in the afterlife, but it seems we're going the other way.

"Aah. There's the old coffee factory. When I was a boy I used to play on the grounds."

- From a Marx Brothers movie, IIRC.

I'm not so sure how common Barnacle Geese are in captivity in North America. I've just started working on a little investigation into that ... and so far, finding any for sale is quite difficult. There are several breeders who have them in their stock list, but don't actually have any on hand.

After I'm done interviewing as many breeders as possible, I'll report my findings in an article ... somewhere. In any case, it does seem a bit odd that almost every single Barnacle Goose that shows up here, does so exactly when and where you would expect such a vagrant to occur. If they were mostly escapees, I would expect them to be spread around more, both in terms of space, and time of year.

I'm very tired! We had some construction here last week and through most of the weekend. All of the carpet came out of the stairwell and the upstairs landing and the guest room

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