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January 20, 2013


"The coming together of post boomer irony and the Glorious Leader is like the bringing together of matter and anti-matter."

Well put. Exactly.

Reading that was the most bizarre experience.

Like watching an episode of the old "The Prisoner" TV series, but narrated by .....
Kim Kardashian? Pee Wee Herman? Tracy Ullman doing Kim Kardashian? The love child of Captain Kirk and Kim?

If Ms Schmidt is ever sent to a distant galaxy to report back, let me know, I think.

And the clumsy layout of the page from the daughter of Dr. Google?

The whole thing was like ... the bringing together of matter and anti-matter.

That's it.

I'd like to see the notes of the North Korean delegation sent to the U.S. to report back on American post-boomer irony.

More like>Kim Jong-il meets Johnny Miller.

"My father's reaction to staying in a bugged luxury socialist guesthouse was to simply leave his door open."

Well, no one can accuse Eric Schmidt of not practicing what he preaches.

It's not mentioned in the article (probably because the author did not know it) that those metro cars are from Berlin, Germany, from the 1970/80ies. The basic type is still in use (although becoming rare), just the door handles have been replaced long ago by buttons for safety reasons. I have the suspicion that our public transport company regrets to have sold the old ones to NK because newer models turned out to be far less reliable.>Here is a picture for comparision.

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