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November 30, 2012


stupid computers.

I thought it was just me!

Fixed it -- I'd left a div tag open from a picture caption.

I have a bunch of stuff saved for possibly taking OW to Wordpress. What do we think about that? Main issue: what kind of comments system to use.

ok, it's fixed on the home page and on e.g. this one, but not on "Worthy of Their Hire". grar. I'll investigate further.

Since this is an open thread, this animation showing misheard english lyrics for O Fortuna is the greatest cultural artifact of our civilization. That is all.

I have reason to believe my Ipad, my Ipod, my Dell desktop, my Samsung cell phone, and my microwave oven are communicating about me behind my back.

The other day, my sister and I sat on opposite ends of the same couch and played a Scrabble-like entertainment with each other on our Ipads.

On NPR the other day, someone or other was summarizing the coming global catastrophic epidemic of dementia/Alzheimer's as up to two billion folks senesce simulataneously.

Let me ask you something? If you are typing that previous paragraph and you can't remember the word "dementia" and have to grab a Thesaurus, does global warming really f8cking matter?

I mean, if the sea water keeps creeping up our pantlegs centimeter by centimeter day after day and the two billion keep asking "why are my pantlegs wet?" over and over again because they can't remember the answer, then Camus must have been right that the only question worth asking is whether or not we should just off ourselves and be done with it.

And these two billion souls, what of their PIN numbers and passwords?

That scares the crap out of me.

I was visiting my Alzheimer's-stricken mother again recently and she awakens during the night (she is still in her home, as she would wish) and asks repeatedly until whomever is sleeping beside her (me, on these trips) awakens too, "You won't leave me alone, will you?"

"No, never," I lied.

I ask the same of her and she answers, "Where would I go?"

Then she looks around the room and says, "I'm not sure where I am, or what I'm supposed to do? Where are the girls?" (meaning my sisters, but 40 years ago)

It's 2:33 am, an info-commercial loud talker on the TV that's always on performing oral capitalism ad nauseum into the wee hours when civilized people ought to be minding their own stinking business, and I laugh along with this entirely on-point observation.

So I get out my new Ipad out and turn on the video camera and we look at each other staring bleary-eyed into the screen, heads together, still 23 years apart in age as always.

"That's you, Mom."

"Oh, my word!"

"And that ... is me. Both of us, right now."

"Really? Well, I don't know what."

And then she calls me by my brother's name, which (long story) is like being called Beelzebub, or Dracula, or you little bastard, or something.

Forget Camus, Tom Robbins, I think it was, asked the more pertinent question: "How to make love stay?"

It looks just fine in Firefox. If you mean what I think by sidebar....

Hi Doc,
As long as the comments aren't nested, I'm fine.

I have had students use Wordpress, but only a few classes, so I'm probably asking a stupid question, but how is wordpress for mobile sites? If we do move, I think getting the site so that it works well on mobile devices might be a good organizing principle.

Even on Firefox, while the first page of "Worthy of Their Hire" is OK, the second page is without sidebars.

Coding web pages is a real pain! And having to do it when you have a day job which doesn't include doing it is worse. I think we're lucky the site holds together as well as it does.

wj, yes, very true. I admit I'm of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', so one of the biggest fears I have of updating and rooting around under the hood is that something is going to get changed that will screw up everything and the time to fix things always seems to be inversely related to the amount of time it took to break them.

Thanks for all you folks do under the hood and at the wheel.

Hey, Turbulence, that was great! Thanks.

Got a need to vent.

I'm in Las Vegas for a conference. An irritation (albeit an expected one): extra charge of $15 per day for Internet access. (And it only works in the room, not in the conference area. Not ideal, if you are here for a work-related conference and need to check in at work occasionally during the day.)

But the really infuriating surprise: that's a $15 charge per day per device. Yes, if you have a lap top and a tablet, and want to use both you pay twice. If you have your laptop, and your wife has her laptop, you pay twice.

Note to self: make sure the conference does not come back to the Rio any time soon. (OK, as far as I am concerned, if we never come back to Las Vegas at all, it will be just fine. But that's another discussion.)

Is it just me or has anyone else been watching the infighting between Boehner and the Tea Party Caucus and picturing Goya's "Saturn Devouring His Son" the whole time?

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