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October 14, 2012



Or at least wildly optimistic. At the very most, the era might be argued to be winding down. But "over"? Maybe they should check out the Romney proposals on the military budget and on foreign policy. Those policies may be financially insaane and economically disasterous respectively. But that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be implemented in an entirely possible adminimstration.

...the era of rising Western spending on weapons and wars is over.

I'm sorry. Does this bespeak of some kind of problem?

Well, this was a quickie kind of post, so all the caveats are true, but it was nice to see something saying it in black and white rather than having it just be a DFH complaining about it. Especially the title

I'd like to think that because it was an immense amount of money chasing solutions, we had a situation where there was an urge to find problems in order to throw money at them.

that'll be the day. lol.in the meanwhile i'll hold my breath. the day they cut spending for the military, sequestration or not, is the day they have a bake sale for a nuclear submarine.

lol. nice thought, but those that got, the MIC, will never ever give up a dime. that is what cutting Medicare and Social Security is for, to make up the difference should there ever be "more" money needed for defense.

with 435 districts as part of the MIC, the howls of injustice and cries of such abject penury will be more than enough to atone for any such "sequestration" thoughts, much less cuts to the MIC.

On the contrary, I would assume that in the near future there is going to be a substantial spike in military spending in the Western world.

Since 1991 there has been basically no enemy for the West to defend itself against. Despite this fact, the West has continued to expand its military spending. Now there is the possibility of a Chinese enemy, together with the growing hostility of much of the world to Western control of their territory. At the moment a lot of these wars are being fought with mercenaries (as in Somalia) but this isn't going to last forever.

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