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October 19, 2012


Culture Club was a guilty pleasure of mine because of their facility for melodic hooks.

Is this the Friday open thread?

A daisy chain of Duh'Souzapornacopia, via Balloon Juice:

From a link within the bounty spilling forth, to more about the married fiancee:

If you scroll down, there's a picture of the bleached out little Christian scold sitting amidst her reading material.

One title caught my eye: "Ayn Rand's Critics".

In one photograph, the entire horny, murderous, but deliciously righteous, show me the money chimera of the Republican Party in its Randian, Old Testament, Moses-parts-Dagny Taggert's-lady-parts-while-the-rest-us-are-left-with-Christ's-stale-bread-body-and-grape-juice-blood is revealed like a centerfold in Bill Bennett's new Atlantic City welcoming brochure, "Cum to Jesus".

D'Souza, in some infantile tract a few years ago, blamed the West's falling away from traditional Christian morality (at the hands of you, and me, well, you mostly) for enraging the Muslim world and causing al D'Souzaqaeda to fly planeloads of Americans into buildings full of mostly Americans, whose only crime was that the hijackings and murders interrupted their completely innocent and ineffably human sexual longings.

Al Qaeda could have targeted their attacks more narrowly (or bugger off), so as not to inconvenience the majority of us, by loading the entire political, religious, and media leadership of the Republican Party on to transport planes and flying the lot of them up D'Souza's Brahmin butt.

Then Obama could have put a bullet in Osama's head as punishment and the two mortal threats to America, al Qaeda and the Republican Party, would be dead.

The polls show the election as a toss-up.

We may need more than two drum clips.

Tumblr is, i was very surprised to learn, very comfortable with homemade porn. odd to see such a high-profile site allowing that.

duh. yes, of course Tumblr is ok with that. i was thinking of Flickr.

Tumblr is, yes, chock-full of naked people.

yet another porn recommendation from cleek...

in case anyone didn't know how to use Google with SafeSearch off...

Thanks, cleek - I never had any reason to look into tumblr until now. Many things are like bread - home-made is just yummier for some reason.

and in case anyone missed it: Flickr is full of naked people, too. Google, too. Tumblr too.

Everyone is naked underneath their clothing.

Don't think about it.

Now you've got me thinking about it.

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