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September 19, 2012


YOu make NJ seem like a very pleasant place. I was born there but don't remember it. My images of NJ come from springsteen lyrics and Boardwalk Empire.

I walk about fifteen miles a week, walking dogs. I am a volunteer dog walker at a rescue. Today I walked a shy yellow dog, a mutt of the type common around here. In the south mutts like him are called blackmouth curs. There's a multiple mix breed mutt in every geographic area where generations of dogs breed freely amongst themselves and often the resulting dog is yellow, lab sized, has a medium coat, a tail that curls up and a dark face. Anyway I am digressing.

I walk through the woods on logging roads. We, the mutts and I, alwasy see wildlife. Today we flushed some grouse which Carl, the mutt, enjoyed very much.

I took Chloe, another Mason County yellow dog, wading in a seasonal pond and she had a great time splashing after frog ans terrorizing garter snakes.

I cannot make myself exercise for the sake of exercising or walk for the sake of walking, but in the company of a dog, I can go for miles.

Now I can get back to wasting time on today's xkcd.

A true epic. I wonder how many hours Randall Munroe spent on that monster, and how many hours the rest of us have spent exploring it.

i gave up on that xkcd after hitting the bottom of the underground section. it took so much clicking and dragging to get down there, i didn't have the energy to go back up.

This link, via LGM, lets you zoom in and out if you regain strength in your fingers.

I am totally waking up Bilbo's trolls this time. And Bombadil is the next stop, no skipping this time.

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