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August 28, 2012


I somehow smell rank hypocrisy here, don't know why. ;-)

Could be something about 'free markets' or 'corporate patriotism in telecommunications'.

The biggest threat China poses is economic: if they don't successfully make the transition to an economy based on consumption rather than one which is export-based, they are looking at a serious crash at some point. Which will have knock-on effects on everybody else, including us.

Could Huawei do something like insert backdoors into its software? Sure. Could they do it so that it's undetectable? Probably not. And unless the US goes to totally relying on commercial software for our critical military functions, it isn't clear what it gets them. (So they can sneak into our system and see which of us is saying what on this blog. This helps them rule the world how exactly?)

Iirc the US government demands* built-in backdoors for US made software (legality rather murky) and has been implicated in large scale industrial espionage in the past. As I said, smells of the usual hypocrisy.

*a bit too much for just using 'request'.

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