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August 21, 2012


I'm sure Mr. Ferguson will now shuffle off the public stage never to be heard from again.

You know, or not.

"And now, introducing our new commentator, economist and former Harvard Professor, Niall Ferguson. Welcome, Mr. Ferguson. It's an honor to have you here with us."

"Thank you, Mr Hannity. Long time fan!"

The poster child for continuing on after what should have been a career-ending exposure as a fraud is Jim Cramer. If Jon Stewart's disembowelment of him didn't banish him to obscurity, there is no dislodging niche pundits from their niches, short of a child-porn scandal or such. The bubbles don't talk to each other. They are islands unto themselves in our modern media landscape. I now declare objective reality to be officially irrelevant.


Yes, it's true, I've never met Ferguson. I hope to keep it that way.

I feel badly for him, actually. He missed the glory days of the British Empire, and now his adoptive home just won't step all the way up to the imperial plate.

He'll only get to wear his toga to costume parties now.

Once you have an established "bullsh*t" franchise in America, you're good to go and the residuals are lush.

'Bout the only thing that will derail the bullsh*t artist is committing child molestation, but I expect that barrier to fall soon, too, once the National Association of Bullsh*t Artist Child Molesters establishes its legitimacy by starting its own Citizens United PAC and comes out against taxation, socialized healthcare, and gummint prison cuisine, merges with the NRA, secures its reality news/talk show gig on FOX, and is granted a legitimate slot to speak at the 2016 Republican Convention to rally the troops against Sunday voting for the Other.

Sean Hannity has joined the rest of the Republican Establishment (what now passes for the legitimate Republican Establishment, now that RINOs have been purged and aborted from the Party for having been the illegitimate spawn of Gloria Steinem and Karl Marx) in calling for Akin to forgo his race (not his race race, his political race).

Of course, Hannity and the rest of the crowd announced this stance through a megaphone from within the collective women's vagina in which they and God's troops are now quartered.

Sorry, there's no legitimate room for you in here, Parson Akin.

Russell, David Hume, and Sean Connery can't be the only true Scotsmen left?

Ferguson was one of those people who was popular back in the era of the White Man's Burden--you know, the early 2000's.


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