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July 26, 2012


I wonder why the political graffiti are missing on that list. The slogans were often as inane as they are today* and they knew a lot of 'modern' trikcs already including reverse psychology.
But a lot of the graffiti on the list could be from just yesterday too.

*e.g. 'X bakes good bread, therefore he will also make good policy'

Graffiti: one of the great human constants, across cultures and across time.

The more things change, the more things stay buried under gigatons of airborne carbon.

Regarding the tricks, Hartmut, Aristotle would have written (spoken) Rhetoric 250 years before Vesuvius buried the city, plenty of time for those grafittists to get caught up on the latest persuasive trend.

LJ, one of your best ever. Awesome link. Really awesome.

But Aristotle and his ilk were into spoken propaganda. Tricking simpletons with short written slogans seems to have been a Roman invention (they had still enough time to learn that before the ash came down).

I'm trying to imagine being caught on the crapper as the lava flowed into town.

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next time I'm in Karachi, I will be sure to shop at Agha's.

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I deleted the Agha's url because I guess I hate free speech.

I have to wonder, did the post title draw him here?

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