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May 14, 2012


I've always been partical to woodducks, too. One of the amazoing thigs about them is how little they are. They scurry on the water like little bathtub toys.

My family and I went to this place over the weekend; my 11-year-old took pictures of absolutely everything. She was especially entranced with the Eastern Screech Owl, which was (full-grown, this one) about the size of my fist.

This post is for the birds!

The wood ducks hatched this morning, pretty much like corn popping: first one, then another, then pop pop pop pop pop!

If you look at woodiecam now, you'll see Mom *trying* to get some shut-eye on top of a seething pile of ducklings. Jump will be tomorrow morning, probably fairly early.

"woodiecam.com" Huhuh. Huhuhuh.

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