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April 28, 2012


What does that mean, TAKEN THE CAT AWAY?? Especially being in all caps, sounds ominous. I hope you meant: taken the cat to a veterinarian for emergency care? Right??

I doubt it. Maybe someone is familiar with the specific shelter this cat went to and can enlighten us.

City shelters euthanize about two thirds of the cats and half of he dogs turned in unless managed as "no kill" (which really means low kill).

Sick or injured animals usually are ot treated. They serve their stray time without medical asistrance and are euthanized. The expception is a case with lots of publicity.

Next time anyoe finds a stray or injured animal, unless you are familiar with your local muncipal shelter and know it is well run, so not trun an animal in to it. Call and email around to rescues.

Again Iam not famiiar with NRC shelters except a bad impression which I hold lightly since I don't have much information to go on. So my generalizations are meant for typical municipal shelters which tend to be under funded, under staffed and over whelmed with unwanted animals.

I myself have never owned a pet in my 43 years.Until this past week .When a stray cat walked into my house. I am afraid to take it to a shelter.Even a "no -kill
" shelter.Because i would hate to see it put down. So i have decided to keep it. Fortuantly, i have a nice neighbor that is going to give me a car ride to the vets[i dont own a car]

Thank you! thank you! I have dogs now but at one time I had four cats, all strays. In fact Wonkie was on of my cats.

Pete, if you are embarking on cat ownership, I recommend the book The Tribe of Tiger that contains a lot of things that will help you make sense of cats and what they do. The Amazon link has a look inside, but here is the Powell's link if you want to get a used copy

Pete, if you know a bit about them, cats are easy, not terribly demanding, and can be downright cuddlesome if you let them. But it sounds like you've been appointed a cat owner, rather than the other way around. :-)

A thank you to Karen and Liberal Japonicus for the advice. I will have to check that book out. FYI, my new cat is doing well .So i hope to take care of it for a long time

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