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February 10, 2012


John Terry used a racial epithet to an opposition player, Anton Ferdinand.

And to make it even more intriguing Anton is is the brother of his England colleague and centre back partner, and rival for the captaincy Rio Ferdinand.

Thanks, I've corrected that bit. Here's a bit more detail about the John Terry accusation.

John Terry is also known for allegedly having an affair with the former girlfriend of his teammate (both at Chelsea and the national team) Wayne Bridge. Ahhh, Joga Bonito indeed.

Fourth Asian-American. Lots more Asians that are not American. Mengke Bateer and Yao Ming spring to mind, but there are others.

Also: Raymond Townsend was Filipino on his mother's side; dunno how Asian that makes him. But I'd give him the benefit of consideration. And he's certainly American.

Even if Golden State had known he was going to play this well, they're overloaded at the point/undersized guard spot, so I'm not sure it would have helped.

Capello wasn't fired - he resigned.

>>this piece has Capello's quoted comeback<<

That must be a translation.
Capello (notoriously) doesn't speak sufficient English to have said that.

While we're all picking nits, are you sure (in the last sentence) that that wasn't the Golden State GM tweeting regret about cutting Lin?

The GM-tweeting link begins, "Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey regrets letting go of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.

'We should have kept [Jeremy Lin]. Did not know he was this good,' Morey wrote on his official Twitter account on Thursday. 'Anyone who says they knew misleading U.'"

So, I don't think that's a mistake.

An interesting article regarding Lin on si.com.

One thing I learned playing basketball growing up in the US, especially pickup, is that while all the typical stereotypes racial would apply when choosing teams and during the first few points, those melted away fairly quickly if you showed you could play.

Also, on this youtube of Lin playing against #1 overall draft choice and fellow point guard John Wall in a summer league game in 2010 (and Lin's highlights from his past 3 games for the Knicks, though I don't have a youtube for that), you can see a place in the modern NBA game for anticipation, angles, a good shooting stroke, etc., even in the face of superior quickness and athleticism (not that Lin isn't an incredible athlete or that Wall doesn't have (some) of those other things).

Steve Nash or (to date myself) Joe Dumars, might be good precedents for Lin (not that he needs any).

Probably not all that appropriate to this particular discussion but I wonder how one controls the loss of speech freedom when one enacts laws against "hate" speech. Dispiccable? yes. Worth being fired for? yes. Against the law? Very dangerous since the government gets to define what is considered "hate speech."

Ed, the definition of "hate speech" as a legal matter can be reduced to "we, the majority of the legislature, hate this particular kind of speech." Other kinds of hate speech, which have not yet found a legislative majority, are legally fine.

Far better, I personally think, to leave sanctions of hate speech out of the legal arena. Prosecute people for what they actually do. At most, prosecute them for "inciting to riot" for their speech -- admittedly, that only works if there actually is a riot....

Capello picked a strange hill on which to die. I don't see what he hoped to gain by being loyal to Terry in this matter. It's not like he was going to win the locker room over with this move. It's not an Us vs. Them issue that unites the players, it's one that threatens to split them.

I think Capello did not fancy his chances of doing well with all this drama and bailed while he had a successful record and the chance to disavow any crash-and-burn that might happen at Euro 2012.

The alternate explanation is that Capello resigned because he wasn't consulted, and the FA failed to consult him because of communication problems (he wouldn't/couldn't speak to them by phone).

Capello himself has said that it was a misunderstanding -
- not entirely surprising as no one at the FA speaks Italian, and he doesn't speak English.

I'm sure the lack of consultation was a problem, but Capello's comments in the aftermath were less about a lack of consultation and more about how Terry should absolutely still be the captain.

Looks like Capello has found his official version, though, and I'm sure it will be a much easier sell than wanting to give BraveCaptainJohnTerry his fair hearing.


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