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January 22, 2012


I wanted to make some monoprints of leaves soI went out o my deck and collected some specimens: alder, big leaf maple, one from each of my Japanese maples, evergreen clemantis, hydrangia

I made little linoleum black prints of each tyep of leaf and put together compossitions of layers of leaves.

Absolutely everybody who has seen one of the resulting monoprints thinks I tried to sneak a pot leaf into the picture.

For those whose New Year's physical fitness resolutions have already been put away with the sweater Mom knitted you, perhaps this will give you renewed resolve:

For some reason, my response to watching this rather mesmerizing video reminded me of the funny sensation hairshirtthedonist reported from his loins when I suggested he soften up his kid's stiff baseball glove by plunging it into a bucket of shaving cream.

I swept that image aside by imagining instead each of the entire cast of Meet The Press, or better, the roundtable, especially George Will on This Week With George Stephanopolos, seated in such a contraption as they opinionated on the week's political cataclysms.

Luckily we can ban him from ever wearing that dangerous shirt again, since children might watch baseball games, and as McKinneyTX noted recently, talking about pot isn't political speech, and as long as it's to protect children, you can ban it.

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