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December 26, 2011


My wife gave me a mandoline, the better to prepare our meals. It's a simple thing which will improve our lives quite a bit. How often have I, after a long day, taken the easy way out of veggie prep for our dinner? Often. Any vegetable can be palatable raw if it's broken down, i.e. shredded or sliced super-thin. So, I'm happy.

Also, about 30 pounds of candy, cookies and fudge from my students, which won't improve our lives.

happy and merry everyone!

Sweaters, some tutorial stuff for vibes and drums, a lot of music. An artisanal salami.

Just my wife and I in the AM, lunch with friends, dinner with other friends, then to bed, fat and happy.

Lucky us!

Hope everyone had / is having a great holiday.

We celebrated yesterday in The Way of Our People: a movie and Chinese Food.

The movie was Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. Pretty but meh, not as good as the first one. Also, the actresses are in the Uncanny Valley for me, so Botoxed they look more like Lizard People in disguise than they do like human beings.

Trailers are still all using Distressed Metal styling for their fonts, but the movie itself is breaking new ground and going for a handwritten look.

The Chinese food was pretty good, but the Tea-Smoked Duck wasn't as tasty as we were expecting, so I need to figure out what to do with the leftovers.

Tonight the Christian contingent arrives, so we'll turkey with all the trimmings, then unwrap our SW33T L00T.

Our best Xmas "present" was the presence of our son, the inimitable Anarch, who lives too far away (albeit for perfectly good reasons, like a job) and sees us too seldom otherwise. We decorated the tree, ate (turkey, etc.) and opened other prezzies, watched the Packers win (A. is now Wisconsin-based, where support for "The Pack" is compulsory): all good, nothing truly Memorable. But it was/is nice.

PS: Anarch wishes to join me in publicly expressing our regard for Doc Science (and her amazing illustrations!), Russell, and LJ as members of the ObW team. Yay team.

We haven't had our Christmas yet as we are awaiting the arrival of relatives. I am basking inthe glory of our lovely tree which I will miss badly when the holiday is over.

I have a Lane cake that i made in the frig for tomorrow's desert.

The Greeat Unwrapping Ritual will begin at around seven tomorrow

Mmm, books mostly: The Whig Interpretation of History, which I have often alluded to but never read; What Hath God Wrought (recommended at 11d); Mark Chaves, American Religion, Contemporary Trends (he is a leading figure in sociology of religion, for those who are interested); The Storm of War; also a few more books, a scarf, a cookbook, some cookie cutters, and a bottle of single malt from my brother-in-law (which I like, but one bottle lasts four years around here). Really an excellent haul.

Most thoughtful gift.

Books, exclusively. Wide range of topics:
Assyrian palace reliefs
a history of the mousetrap
a biography of Snorri Sturluson
The Poisoner's Handbook (history of forensic chemistry in NY)
a historic crime novel (set in Carthage)
the dictionary of obscene German words
Figes' book on the Crimean war
the biography of Sebastian Haffner
early Mickey Mouse cartoon collection
Contested Will (on the Shakespeare controversy)

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