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December 24, 2011


Kaputtreparieren does seem like a very useful word. In defense of English, about ten years ago I was introduced to the phrase Mr Unfixit. While "unfix" is not in regular usage, I'm sure a push could be made to broaden it's popularity. Otherwise how many unfortunate Americans are going to wind up in hospital with dislocated jaws from trying to pronounce these new terms? Think of the children!

Not exactly on topic, but still, a perennial favorite.

I expect to make good use of Verschlimmbesserung in the new year.


I see this as very handy, too.

Maybe "VSB" for short?

Verschlimmbesserung -- definitely describes "upgrading" to the current release of Firefox. I've been trying to cope with that all week.

What were the folks at Mozilla thinking???


My old trouble-free and reliable router won't work with the new Mac OS, because of encryption issues, or so I'm told.

I think this is a specific instance of a general case in the world of computers. Upgrade one thing and ten others suddenly don't work. I doubt there's a solution.

Schadenfreude was once explained on The Simpsons. I noticed its uptick after that.


aHA! I'll bet that's it, all right.

Larry Flint's right!

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