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October 15, 2011


I don't know. I got about a half hour in and bailed.

I too gave up on Hawaii 5-0, for several reasons:

- After stellar work on Lost, Daniel Dae Kim is less than a sidekick. What's up with that?
- Nearly all the native Hawaiian characters are either comic relief or criminals.
- Hanging people off roofs or beating up a guy in a sling to get a confession doesn't make you a bad-ass, it makes you an a*hole.
- Back in season 1, when it looked like the theft from the evidence locker was going to come out, the team went to back up McGarrett to the governor. When Kono was accused, the rest of the team has hardly acknowledged her existence, despite their culpability. Whatever the excuse for the storyline, it basically says that she (brown woman) is worth a lot less than McGarret (white guy).

I'll get my mindless entertainment somewhere else.

Okay, I am trying Homestruck. I am definately i "What the heck is this mode?". It's probably a generational thing--I don't like reading a computer as much as I like reading a book, I don't like the artwork which strikes me as cold and soulless, I don't like having to arrow up and down the page becaue I can't see it all at once. And I don't likethe way the story progresses because it isn't progressing in the way I am used to.

I don'
t mean this as critisism. If anything I am criticizing myself. I thik this is one of those cultureal change things like when silent films were invented and some people just didn't like them because they were used to picturing the stories in their own heads while they read. I get glimpses every now and then of a whole world of literature on line that is new and creative and, to me, alien.

Probably stay alien, too. I'm still tryig to figure out how to use my very basic no frills cell phone.

bluefoot, I'm betting that Kono is on an undercover assignment. Whether keeping the rest in ignoriance is really necessary to support her cover is not obvious.

Whoa. After a couple of hours it really does become awesome.

For those of you who are having trouble getting into Homestuck, it has been suggested to me that THIS is a good place to start. It's almost at the end of Act Two, there's a bunch of actual action, then it moves swiftly into Act Three.

Also, this particular page contains one of my favorite lines.*g*

anon, where was the Awesome Tipping Point for you? Point to a spot on the Handy Map!

I really hope to see it nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story next year [....]
Best to show up at the Business Meeting to vote for continuation of the category, since unless the BM votes next year to continue it, it's scheduled to automatically terminate in 2012.

The BM previously concluded that, in essence, there wasn't enough knowledgeable nominating or voting going on.

What the 2012 meeting will do, I wouldn't predict, as I'm no longer on the main mailing list that discusses such matters.

WSFS Constitution as of 2010.

Doctor Science, I just want to thank you for pointing me to Homestuck.

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