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October 29, 2011


Thanks for posting this Gary.

Yes, thank you, Gary. It's hard for to thik of a comment beyond that. There's too much to say and too little. I am sorry for his grieving family. I hope they can find some comfort.

I also want to thank you for posting this, Gary.

What everyone else has said. Thanks for reminding us.

Thanks for this, Gary. And for any of Maj. Olmsted's family that might visit this post, it's a small thing, but Andy's in the acknowledgements for my dissertation. My conversations with him taught me a lot of things about a soldier's ethos that made my writing better, deeper and more human in scope.

No matter what happens over there, no one can say we haven't sent our best.

No matter what happens over there, no one can say we haven't sent our best for the worst possible reasons. Therein lies the tragedy.

Andy. Tom. Two faces and names in a sea of faces and names... and even more full of Iraqi and Afghan names and faces... that have died for the worst of reasons.

Just for the record - we all have our opinions and feelings about US foreign policy over the last ten years.

For those who wish to honor or respect Andy's memory, in particular, I'll offer the reminder that he specifically asked that his name and memory not be invoked to advance one point of view or another.

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