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September 16, 2011


From the Guardian article:

One can't help feeling that those were rather more seemly times.

I hear that.

Now get offa the lawn!

I love sports, but I don't like the culture that often surrounds them, something that may have to do with being a Philadelphia fan, though I know it's not unique to Philadelphia. I just tend to think Philly's among the worst cities in the US for what this sort of thing is a very extreme example of:

Three Philadelphia men are facing murder charges over the attack in a parking lot near Citizens Bank Park.

The defendants had gone to the game on a trip sponsored by a city tavern. The feud between the groups allegedly started over a spilled beer.

By coincidence, I just put up post at TiO on amateurism in U.S. college sports, based on this Atlantic article.

Feel free to discuss here or there (or both!)..

It must be in that time. The Economist just started a new blog on sports:

I'm going to watch the Wisconsin Badgers play the Northern Illinois Huskies at Soldier Field in Chicago (the home field of the Bears, for those who don't know), so I'm hardly one to complain about an excess of sports :)

Adding to the fun, our former defensive coordinator is now their head coach, so even if/when we curb-stomp them, should be a good time for all. Except maybe the curb-stomped, I suppose.


I read your post at Tio and agree totally.

(I couldn't comment there because it won't let me set up an account. I keep getting an error message with the informative content: "A")

Bernard - thanks, and sorry you couldn't comment. Not the most friendly interface over there and I swore off promising to fix anything computery-related in my first post. That said, if I happen to stumble across what happened I'll try to clean it up.

Morning Bernard
I'll try to figure out what's wrong tonite or tomorrow. If you could drop me a line at libjpn at gmail, I'd appreciate it.

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