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September 30, 2011


Yeah, it's a shame how Video Barbie killed The Poor Man, because we could really use some of that baseball commentary now.

"Video Barbie killed The Poor Man"

Yes; I'm still pretty confused and chagrined about that.

As someone observed, the whole Poor Man post is a gem, but it seems to have gone to that great 404 in the sky, so I only have a memory of it

Forgotten,">http://www.thepoorman.net/archives/003305.html">Forgotten, but not lost.

The Red Sox put up a good front, but they have already proved that they just don't have what it takes. For long term and consistently frustrating fans, that is.

For that, the Cubs are the one and only. What other team's fans could watch the first pitch of the first game on the season be called a ball, and immediately yell, "Wait 'til next year!"?

envy, thanks for that.

wj, there is some difference between the frustration of the Cubs fan and the traditional frustration of a BoSox fan. I'm not sure precisely what it is, but it seems to be a different sort of frustration.

Red Sox? Cubs? Ha! You have not learned true despair until you follow professional sports in Seattle.

I have the feeling I may even have mentioned this before in this very venue, but I will not let that stop me . . . I continue to chuckle at the memory of a scene-setting couple of paragraphs from a science-fiction novel I read a few years ago, in which the early years of the 23rd century are described, and it is off-handedly mentioned that the Cubs are still looking to end their 300-year dry spell.

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