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September 30, 2011


Hey, white folks in the South gotta have sumbody ta look down on. The black darkies had their turn; now it's the brown darkies' turn.

As a foreigner who sometimes visits the US, I'd like to give a legal non-immigrants vie of this law: it sucks. The requirement to carry one's passport and US immigration documents at all times (which exists in the present federal law) is utterly inconvenient. The form that should be attached into the legal aliens passport is a piece of cardboard. It is anything but tamper-free, and prone to be damaged by wetting. In addition, the USCIS staff do not really attach it to the passport, they just give it back to you, so it is easy to lose
the form by accident.

Even worse, getting a replacement for lost immigration documents, should one lose them, is a real pain and may take a long time. During this time, one cannot fulfil the federal law by carrying one's documentation. As the state law enforcement cannot easily verify one's immigration status from applicable databases, this might, in Alabama approach, lead to a lengthy detention, if a pick-pocket happens to steal your wallet.

Then again, I'm white, so this is not likely to bother me. Sigh.

With school denials and e-verify together it seems we want to insure that these law-breakers are both ignorant and unemployed.

But think of the savings to their state budget! States pay local school districts based on ADA (average daily attendence). so if attendence nose-dives, Alabama saves a bundle. At least in the short run -- and what else do [politicians care about?

This disgusting anti immigrant action should work wonders at drying up completely the supply of agricultural workers who bring the harvest to market.
I had posted the story earlier and congratulate you for researching it further.

I don't think they're actually denying a child an education, technically, as Mexico and other nations do actually educate children to some extent. They're just demanding that children get their educations in the country of their parents' citizenship, unless they're here legally.

Since minor children are generally expected to live with relatives, unless they perhaps get adopted, where else would you expect them to get an education, except someplace the parents can legally reside?

I might further point out that even the child of two legal residents of the US will not typically be able to go to school in a district other than the one where their parents legally reside, let alone another state. It's simply that illegal aliens don't HAVE a legal residence anywhere in the US.

Brett Bellmore,

Alabama is not refusing to educate the children of illegal immigrants. That would be illegal since all children in US are entitled to primary and secondary education.

I am in favor of greatly reducing illegal and legal immigration and am appalled that there's about 6 million illegal immigrants working in nonagriculture jobs.

However, l believe our laws about educating all children in the US -- no matter how or why they are here -- up to grade 12 takes the correct approach.

We've been busy importing poverty for about 30 years. The only thing worse would be to add illiteracy and millions of kids at home everyday with nobody to take care of them to the mix.

"I might further point out that even the child of two legal residents of the US will not typically be able to go to school in a district other than the one where their parents legally reside..."

Not true. Depending on district rules, a child can attend a school in the district where they reside, or where one parent has employment, or for a number of other reasons.

BTW, "legally reside" is something you just made up. That's not a requirement ANYWHERE. Although it's hard to think of a situation where "legal residence" could be different from "actual residence," no school district could refuse to enroll a child b/c a court order required the child to live in New York instead of Alabama. Custody dispute, let's say.

Still, nice try to justify hating on brown folk. Better luck next time. (And no. Don't bother telling me about all your good friends and how your real concern is the poor kids are denied a good education because of illegal immigrants. Don't care.

I kinda thought conservatives favored private contracts

Classical liberals/libertarians do, but they are not conservatives. Modern Republicans are a breed apart, more like Jacksonian populists than any of the old conservative/liberal/socialist divisions of old Europe.

Bless you for writing this all out, Gary.

One point that often doesn't get well-discussed: Birthright citizenship and free public education are two of the most important factors in making sure 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants (the children and grandchildren of immigrants) become solidly incorporated in to American society. They are a powerful engine for social and economic integration.

In this respect, the US has a substantial advantage over countries like Germany and Austria, where Turkish immigrants' children often struggle to function as Germans or Austrians; countries like France, where North African immigrants' children are so poorly integrated that their frustration and unemployment spark violence and riots; and even places like the Dominican Republic, which has a substantial underclass of DR-born residents of Haitian ancestry, who are stateless (having no birthright citizenship in the Dominican Republic).

If the US wants to forsake its world-leadership in this respect, we can do so. But we ought to know very clearly what it is we are forsaking.

What I find astounding is the level of anti-immigration feeling in a county almost entirely comprised of the descendants of immigrants!

I was touristing on Ellis Island just last week and it is filled with the stories of people who came to America not because they were being politically or religiously repressed (although of course there were a fair number of those too) but because they wanted a chance to come to the USA to better their own lives financially.

Apparently 100 million living Americans can trace their ancestry back to the tiny window in time when the Ellis Island facility was operating (only from ~1890 - 1920) -- that's only 2 or 3 generations for a lot of people!

Immigrants - all of them - are what made America great. Trying to stop the next generation (and even the present generation) coming to your country to better themselves in senseless and unjust.

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