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September 11, 2011


The Mills Brothers made "Glow-Worm" a hit in 1952. For the sake of extending the post: Among the other tidbits I looked up about them, the Mills Brothers were the first African-American act to have their own radio show on a major network (CBS, in the early 1930s), and had both the nous and the popular capital to pick and choose the songs of the day that showcased their range and sound to best effect. They performed for the British royals, were popular in South America and Australia, and survived into the rock 'n' roll era.

One thing that would make an interesting post in itself was the number of popular songs in America based on European, more often than not Jewish, sources that were popularized by black artists over a number of genres in the pre-rock 'n' roll era.

Almost correct, just the a should be an ä.
Die Katze, das Kätzchen. All diminutive forms in German are neuter. As a result girls (Mädchen*) have no sex (OK gender) ;-)

*which formally also means 'little maggot'

girls (Mädchen*) have no sex (OK gender) ;-)

Up until this very moment I had suspected that young German women were not considered female until married.

Amateur linguistics; dangerous when taken seriously.

Well, given that the traditional word for 'married woman' is 'Weib', which is also a neuter, there is no change from pre-martial to married status ;-)
Also traditional is 'Fräulein' for adult but not married women. Also a diminutive and therefore a neuter.
Does Mrs.Smith miss anything, Ms.?

Children in general are sexless over here: Das Kind.
A special case is Der Mensch (the human being). If the male article is replaced by the neutral (Das Mensch), it turns into an insult for women.
An old joke says that the moon is male in German because women are not supposed to walk around outside alone at night.

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