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August 25, 2011


To all the cetaceans out there: Sorry you have to share a planet with us, guys. You deserve better.

Seconded. Hang in there. It won't last much longer.

and if you've ever shaken anything with your rostrum you know how painful yhat can be.

Sub-human conching by the murderous death merchants Phil Gramm and Rick Perry:


via Dkos

Ghoulish murderous filth. I hope they gain the Presidency and both Houses of Congress.

Ugh Jr. #2 arrived this past Wednesday morning, likely scared from his previous warm abode in Washington DC by the earthquake (I imagine he said to himself, paraphrasing C-3PO, "it's quite possible this uterus is not entirely stable."). Mama, baby, and his older brother are doing quite well (don't ask about me).

Happy weekend all!

Hey Ugh, the kid is brave! First an earthquake, then a hurricane!

When I was pregnant with my 2nd, I was looking forward to the chance to fill in all the blanks of things I thought I had missed the first time around. Heh. What was I thinking, to imagine that the stuff I didn't have time to do when I had an infant, I would miraculously have time to do when I had an infant and a toddler.


Congratulations to all of you. Have fun!

As it happens, I saw this post (and the linked article) just after watching the documentary "The Cove". It's just horrific what we do to this intelligent and friendly species for the sake of entertainment.

Congratulations, but I think you need to rethink the Ugh Jr. #2. Might I suggest Ugh fils?

It's just horrific what we do to this intelligent and friendly species for the sake of entertainment.

I'm wondering just what the hell you're referring to, Don K. Conching is something the dolphins do all by themselves.

Slarti, the phrase "just after watching the documentary 'The Cove'" might be the context you're looking for, since it's about, you know, slaughtering dolphins. He's not talking about what the dolphins are doing, he's talking about what we do to them in light of things like "conching."

You know, juxtaposition, and irony, and suchlike?

might be the context you're looking for

Might be. I really don't know. I'm not familiar with The Cove. You assume I am, somehow.


Juxtaposed with liberaljaponicus' Sorry you have to share a planet with us, guys. You deserve better. it appeared to be additional commentary on how awful this whole conching thing is. Context can be tricky, sometimes.

I've heard of The Cove, but wouldn't be able to watch it. Hearing about it was horrible enough. What a different world we would have if we could appreciate the creatures around us.

Congratulations, Ugh!

Y'ever see two ex-Marines meet?

They speak a funny language to each other. Not like us normal American types, who speak English in company.

Semper fi, they declaim to each other in Latin, not caring whether the rest of know what the heck they are saying.

We have one of those ex-Marine guys as our Senator out here in Colorado.

You'd think, having his own special language, he wouldn't mind that election ballots are printed in English AND another latinate language, would ya?

No such luck. He's got a bill he's going to introduce making multilingual ballots illegal on a national basis.

Don't know what he plans to do with e pluribus unum

It's always the same with these guys.

semper idem

I'm, like, so Nineties, having never heard of planking or owling before today. I must be getting old, because both seem incredibly stupid, to the point that I'm glad I had never heard of them and that I wish I were still totally ignorant of their existences. But I've never been much of a hipster, even in my youth, which makes me feel rather hip in a "fnck your stupid fads" kind of way. That makes the getting old go much more smoothly, to boot. I haven't lost it, since I never had it, but I never wanted it, so I don't regret it.

That, or I'm just telling myself all of this so I can feel better - about getting old and being clueless.

What a different world we would have if we could appreciate the creatures around us.

This may be more about respecting than appreciating, but read "The Tiger" by John Vaillant. If tigers had opposable thumbs, we'd have been extinct eons ago.

debbie: "This may be more about respecting than appreciating"

Appreciating perhaps comes before respecting, but both. And, yes.

In the meantime, I'm so grateful for any natural encounter I have. Thank [ ] for the fact that it's still possible to see someone of another species and behold.


Mazel tov!!

Perhaps more appropriately,

Mrs. Ugh -- Mazel tov!

congrats, Ugh!

Congratulations, Ugh!

"Until such observations are recorded though, Mr. Allen says it is too early to rush to any conclusions."

So much for that...

Thanks all. We made it through the hurricane just fine, without a single loss of power (a minor miracle for us Pepco dependents).

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