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May 17, 2011


Thanks, btw my wife called the local cops while I was typing because she never really listens to me and she doesn't trust any of the neighbors.

They duly noted her weekly call and asked the libertarian to get off the roof (or at least out of her sight line) while inquiring as to how the skunk hunt was coming.

I turned up the CSNY album I play most days and went back to deciding if an eight foot redwood fence is high enough to keep from being invited to the next book club meeting because I still don't like aoili, I don't care how you make it, and the biscuits just can't make up for the taste.

But I am sure impressed by how well read you are, I prefer The Big Bang Theory on tv, but will settle for NCIS reruns if nothing else is on.

I have a similar collection of books on my shelves and a psychologist would get really puzzled by it (and that's before he has a chance to check the DVDs).
But at least I have a pretty good reason for the book* on how poison gases spread depending on the local conditions. I am involved in the revision of the European BAT handbook for the chlorine producing industry.
Lacking a printed copy of Mein Kampf the place next to Stalin's Questions of Leninism** is occupied by the single-volume edition of Churchill's WW2 memoirs (with an essay on the post-war period added as final chapter).
Not sure where I put the papal encyclicals. They are not in their proper place next to the anti-papal screeds or van de Velde's Perfect Matrimony (that one of the encyclicals was written to condemn).

*copied, with the blessing of the author
**a perfect cure for insomnia

Btw, would that not be the perfect birthday
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/--nZWgjiO6Uo/TdWU9qnfQWI/AAAAAAAAUng/pE73pQjZOoY/s400/kelsey%2Bemb.lw.gun%2Bbday.jpg>cake for Brett's children?

I don't know what would make you think that; He's coming up on his third birthday this fall, not his sixth. Aside from that, maybe...

Far be it for me to advise anyone on child-raising, particularly as regards their own child, but I'd wait on the hand grenades until he's at least 7.

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