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April 06, 2011


Of course he si also resposible for icitig a series of murders and attempted murders,too. Let's not forget that. Or forgive.

Lots of links, but this time, I won't be clicking on them. My doctor's sphygmomanometer will thank me.

I would pass on this Salon article about Glenn Beck's early days and wonder if looking at that career arc, we can see some way of figuring out who people like Glenn Beck before they become Glenn Beck. Even if there is no way to making that prediction, part 2 and part 3 are still fascinating reading.

Hey, this will only really resonate with Boston folks, but Jay Severin's gone too.

Frabjous day indeed.

From Russell's link, setting aside the other stuff:

[...] On March 29, while discussing the case of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, who is being sued for sexual harassment by two former female employees, Severin called the women "whores and liars" and said they belong in jail. He went on to say that he had slept with interns.

"Those girls that got to sleep with me got to know their boss better, they got to go on trips, they got to travel in some cases to various parts of the world, to see things and meet people that they never would have seen or done," he said.


Obviously more women should sleep with their bosses! It would be a better world for everyone!

In Jay Severin's world. Where there's sexual pressure on attractive young women, but where:

[...] Severin was pulled off the radio in 2009 after he called Mexican immigrants "primitives," "leeches," and exporters of "women with mustaches and VD."
So this means that if you're a Latina, you're safe from Jay?

No, probably only if you have a mustache.

And I'm sure he no longer follows the practices of his younger days.

He's such a classy, sensitive, guy now, after all.

yeah, he's a piece of work.

basically, he's a egomaniacal jerk, but his numbers have been good, so up to now he's just gotten slapped on the wrist.

now, his numbers aren't so good, and he costs a lot of money, so it's goodbye jay.

it ain't show friends, y'all.

couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

This is a funny clip from the Glenn Beck show earlier this week, responding to the claim by the White House that opponents of health care are spreading “mis-leading” information over the internet: I can’t wait for new polling data to come out, because I’m pretty sure this White House propaganda attempt, along with the outrageous accusations on the authenticity of the town hall protests, is going to backfire on.

Obviously being an insufferable boor pays very well.

Well, the damage has already been done by the Becks, Severins, Limbaughs, Hannitys, and the rest of the Redstate murderous filth.

F*ck civility. It's too late for retrieval.

Severin, in Russell's link, said, in his world, "the poor and the stupid would starve".

He was merely stating the Republican program, excepting, of course, the stupid who now rule the day.

The only question left for this murderous civilization is how much Republican blood, and corrupt Democratic blood who stood by and let it happen, will have to be drained into the sewers to avenge the murder of the poor as we move forward into the corporate Death Palin future.

Hmmm.... "Mercury Radio Arts", "Mercury Theater on the Air".

Coincidence? I think not.

I'm confused by your "good riddance" comment, Gary. Do you actually watch Fox News? That would frankly surprise me.

I don't care much about what Beck is doing or not doing. Before clicking on some of Gary's links, I've probably watched Maddow more than Beck, which is to say all of maybe 30 minutes total in my lifetime while going through an airport. Note: on one of those links (the cow fart link), the Rain Forest Action Network guy says the best way to produce energy is to save it?

Thanks for the link, lj. Interesting reading. That explains why the show just doesn't interest me and turns me off. Must be the "morning zoo" vibe. I never listened to morning radio either. Couldn't stand it. Also explains ratings to me to some degree. It's an equal mystery how Beck and morning zoo radio have the ratings they do (did).

Now I understand why the right fights mercury filters tooth and nail. Did anybody check, whether Beck's behaviour could be better attributed to mad hatter syndrome than past alcoholism? Well, as fishy as his claims notoriously are, Hg overdosing is very likely.

So, the wheel finally turns, and Fox betrays the true-believer Tea Party Beck fans.

The TPers may be paranoid, but they're not very observant, otherwise they might catch on that there are traitors in their midst, just using TPers for their own purposes.

Will they ever wake up? I bet "no", and Murdoch laughs and laughs.

I'm not rejoicing that much-- the right wing is just giving themselves a "respectable" makeover for the 2012 election. The crazy vibe was fine for 2009-2010. Beck would interfere with the sort of brand-building the Republicans are trying to do for the general election. So he can be the public face of the Republican party when he's useful but simply shuffle him aside when he's a liability. Doesn't make the right wing any less crazy or dangerous-- it just means they shaved and got a haircut.

I'm sorry, I know this is a shallow observation, but I got a laugh out of this:

Joel Cheatwood, a senior Fox News executive
Sometimes you can't help but pluck the low-hanging fruit.

Oh, and speaking for myself, I don't need to be part of the Fox News audience to wish Beck good riddance and be glad that his lies and dangerous insanity will no longer have as much visibility and audience.

How do we know the new Beck channel won't be tremendously popular among the sadistic, murderous Republican base?

Are we thinking the oily, telegenic, devout Roman Catholic and Ayn Rand devotee (a deadly incoherence for the rest of us -- especially permitting Dagny Taggert all of that ideological f*cking without access to birth control) Paul Ryan, who ran to Beck first to discuss his "cause", is now going to boycott Beck?

Who do you think will win the "rights" to telecast the privately-run, for profit death panels ... Beck's channel or FOX?

Besides, FOX is hedging its bets by bringing in Trump to tide the sadistic clown show over until Ailes can find a more credible malign clown to retail a little more believably murderous product line.

Beck is just Goebbels getting his own brand to keep the Jews (liberals, Democrats, Jewish liberals, immigrants, blacks, American Muslims, teachers, professors, union members, women on birth control, government employees, gays) busy changing channels to compare delousing regimens, train schedules, and work-will-set-you-free initiatives.

Do we find it comforting that there will be yet another channel for velociraptors to tear the remaining flesh from civic discourse?

Is it a good thing that the aliens at FOX have learned how to subdivide -- throwing their noxious filthy spawn off to wreak havoc from another direction?

Do we believe that enabling yet another outlet on the broadcast spectrum to spew their f8cking hate for this country and its government and roughly half its people is a favorable development?

Last time I checked, learning that vermin have spread from the basement to the attic was a bad development.

That's not divide and conquer. That's being surrounded.

Now you have to burn down the whole house.


Ben Limbaugh Foster

That's the name of the drunken Pawlenty staffer who was arrested after vomiting in someone's front yard and then trying to break into their house in the middle of the night.

I don't expect that to be a drawback, however.

I envision that the Republican demon kid will one day be elected to public office running on a platform of no taxes, excessive alcohol consumption, prohibition, subsidized projectile vomiting, no-knock raids on liberal homes, radical, large-clip Second Amendment rights, and Christ-is-your-uncle-with-a-boner morality.

He'll raise millions from the usual suspects.

Some further commentary from Business Insider, via Russ Wellen, privately.

No real news, but for whatever it's worth:

[...] One person who has worked with Ailes before told us that when Ailes says " I look forward to continuing to work with him" what he really means is "don't let the door hit you on the way out."

They also relayed to us the rumor (entirely unconfirmed) that it was Wendi Murdoch who was most uncomfortable with Beck and pressured husband Rupert to make a move.

But what is really going on? You don't leave a platform like Fox, nor lose a ratings powerhouse like Beck willy nilly.

There are no shortage of people leaping in to take credit and point the finger squarely at Beck.

Media Matters, who devotes the majority of their extensive anti-Fox coverage to all things Beck, immediately released a statement from founder saying that "The Only Surprise Is That It Took Fox News Months To Reach This Decision."

The Jewish Funds for Justice, the group that ran the ad in the Wall St. Journal signed by all rabbis that was then denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, thinks Beck got fired because "he has been rejected by Jews." In a word, no.

Beck and Fox are parting ways because Beck had too much power and Fox couldn't control him.

It's not exactly a secret that Beck was unhappy with many aspects of Fox's tightly controlled (and not always friendly) media machine and was eager to be free of it.

Many assert that Fox led the way here to clear the decks to seem saner before the 2012 elections, but that seems more than extremely dubious to me as any kind of explanation.

Fox has enough other crazies, I don't expect to see them reined in, and I also don't see why Beck would struggle to stay on Fox. I expect it's true that it was a mutually desired parting of the ways, insofar as "Fox News" can be said to have a singular notion, or we could put it down to Murdoch and Beck, though what Rupert Murdoch's personal feelings about Beck are, other than the fact that Murdoch has always been much more interested in making money, ultimately, than politics, I have no idea.

I prefer my own explanations in my post. :-)

Note: on one of those links (the cow fart link), the Rain Forest Action Network guy says the best way to produce energy is to save it?
US energy use chart shows we waste more than half of our energy.

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