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March 14, 2011


I recommend alcohol.

Completely coincidentally, I was just thinking about letting the former contents of that Smuttynose Robust Porter be accompanied by another.

recovery team (who shot a bunch of friendly civilians) on the ground

Erm, link? I hadn't heard anything about a recovery team being on the ground for any more time that it takes to recover (long past having been accomplished) or anything specific about accompanying violence.

Sorry, should have linked to the NYTimes Lede.

No, the rescue team wasn't on the ground longer than necessary for a rescue. I have no idea who recovered the second pilot, who had already been taken to the hospital (different snippet in today's lede).

This is the problem with humnanitarian rescue missions, apparently we cannot rescue people without having to shoot them in order to rescue ourselves.

At least there was no report of any fatalities, but someone did lose "part of one leg" and, of course, there will be many more casualties to come.

BTW, since threads usually die when I make a comment, this might be a good time to start a new one on this topic.

"BTW, since threads usually die when I make a comment, this might be a good time to start a new one on this topic."

I'd surely like to, but I have more engagements tomorrow, so no promises. So many topics, so little time. Even in the Middle East, so many developments in Bahrain, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, on and on, so many aspect, but, yes, a little old war: hey, we'll get back to it and you!

Don't worry, it'll still be going on for a few days yet.


But here is an appetizer.

This is a "dead link." It's the URL most folks know how to cut and paste. It's not clickble: http://werbach.com/barebones/barebones.html

This is the active link version:

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I'd really like to take care of the "Morgan Warstler" troll, but have to wait for Eric or Slart to do so.

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