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February 18, 2011


Listen, this attitude prevails throughout the world, even in the United States, and well beyond the military. I once helped a friend run a public demonstration of her nop's self-defense program during a street fair, and more than one guy sneeringly said that there was no such thing as rape and that at some level and no matter what they said, women actually enjoyed it.

Good post. My head and heart thank you, even if my blood pressure does not.

It's not rape, it's 'regional stability'.


... I have no idea what a "nop" is. Where the heck *was* this street fair? (gets out list of "places to avoid, or maybe overthrow")

It's not rape, it's 'regional stability'.

I like that, in a total fncked-upedness sort of way.

You should forward this post to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With deflection this determined, they could ward off the next Cat 5 hurricane.

I wonder what you think I am deflecting.

Aw, jeez, I was not paying attention when I typed that. I meant NPO -- as in nonprofit organization. This was in Ohio, and it was a "Gallery Hop," an event we'd thought wouldn't be so "red"-blooded. What was really sad was that most of the remarks came from college students, which told me that this kind of attitude was not going to disappear very soon.

Dr. Science: in this case, an attempt to deflect the "argument" that she was assaulted because of the subhumanity of swarthy (Egyptian) muslims, thereby justifying their need for a "strongman" to keep them in line and make the Middle East safe for (a particular) democracy.

As opposed to tying the assault in with the other assaults against western journalists by the internal security forces working on behalf of the western-backed regime that runs Egypt.

So not only is the reporter's rape the fault of the U.S., I'm racist for disagreeing? Pretty slick!

David Pryce-Jones' "The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs" has a chapter on the not-as-complex-as-some-might-wish-to-believe status of women in those societies, including Egypt. Unaccompanied women are indeed at risk of attack there, as attested by Western female charity workers in Cairo's slums. As for the U.S., we took Egypt as we found it, when Sadat left the Soviet camp in the late 70s. Mubarak was the third (I almost said "last") of only three rulers of Egypt since 1952. Their lack of a democractic tradition is none of our doing. Indeed, whatever simulacrum of democracy Egypt comes up with, if they in fact do, will in no small part be inspired by their contact with us.

SI, project much? I know, don't feed the trolls, but...

First, no one called you a racist. Then, DS's post is worded as a suggestion, the truth of which can't be known with certainty, yet you take it as an ironclad statement of sole US responsibility--which, even if DS's suggestion were completely true (and she/he never claims that), would not actually follow. DS mentions other hypotheses, including the it's-an-Arab-thing hypothesis that you're pitching. I don't see the fight you're trying to pick here.

If you want to avoid deflection, how about how explaining, how it's a good thing to have the US engage in rape, financially support regimes that engage in it, and arrange for those regimes to be US proxies in its commission.

Surely those policies have claimed innocent victims whether or not one of them is Logan.

While democracy is not really the issue here (nice try, though), I don't think you can say that Mubarak would have lasted *longer* in office had the US stopped funding him.

Unaccompanied women are indeed at risk of attack there

Gosh. Thank heaven we don't live in a society with THAT problem.

ere in the U.S., prison rape is notoriously common, and tolerated by prison officials and the justice system. Jokes about prison rape are common, and expressions of schadenfreude at the arrest of criminals often anticipate that the criminal will be raped as they "deserve". It's pretty clear to me that at least a substantial minority of Americans think rape is an appropriate deterrent or punishment for all sorts of crimes.
I had something to say about this (and not for the first time).

Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among

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