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February 16, 2011


I empathize witht the focus on local goals. I go out and walk dogs at an animal rescue for that reason. The world is going to ehll but I made a dog happy!

Even the possiblity of local reform fills me with dispair. Our legislature is mulling over some language changes inthelaws regurding the care of dogs. The current law is pathetic. Literally unless the dog is nearly dead nothing can be done. Owners are required to provide food water and shelter, but the shelter does not have to be clean or adequate, the food does not have to be nutricious. I know of two akitas tht live in ten by ten kennels, with only a few planks of wood for shelter, in mud and filth eating table scraps, theri fur matted and flea infested and our animal control officer says its legal and that she can't do anything.

Anyway there is an effort underway to limit how long dogs can be left outside no a chain and to require owners to bring dogs into the house at night.

An awful lot of abuse and neglect could be stopped with just that simple requirement.

Will the law pass? I doubt it.

Wonkie, I suspect some of the very dogs using your free walking service are meeting right now and plotting to block the new legislation you favor because so many of the benefits will go the wrong kind of dog.

These dogs want more for less and haven't caught on yet that their Kibblecare is a government program paid for by all of the dogs.

But what really rankles these dogs is that elite poodles of a different color are trying to improve the lot of the mutts, and they'll be dam$ed if their hard-earned money earned by sniffing the wrong end of the German Shepards and Rottweilers is going to be used to keep undeserving dogs of questionable lineage alive.

Or maybe even undeserving cats, who we all know belong to the Communist Action Turncoat Society, the feline union secretly financed by George Soros, ACORN, the SEIU, and the Muslim Brotherhood. (See Vaster Bullshi*e's analysis on this (he KNOWS!) at Redrum).

In the end, I fear "unless the dog is nearly dead nothing can be done" will wind up as "the dog is dead, and if anything is done, we'll run a Tea Party candidate against your DINO (Dogs In Name Only) commie butt.

Death at no cost to anyone. Nothing for less than less.

Sometimes I look at these new mixed breed of dogs ruining the kennel, and I get them mixed up with vermin living on them.

Maybe I should ask for a cite in a brusque manner, and then you could tell me to FFFF off, and then you'd have more comments on your first post!

Anyway, welcome.

"I'm also moderate in another way: I can never forget how deeply wrong I've been before, and therefore may be now."

This is a good sign in a blogger. Chances are we all hold some spectacularly false beliefs.

Also: I left WI before the election, after having voted for Russ F. three times. I read the local accounts (WSJ, Isthmus, etc.) and I still can't figure out why he lost. I mean, I can, but I guess I can't believe what people chose to believe in that election.

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