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January 13, 2011


But if anyone would like to check my work, if you doubt it, please do so.

And personally, I think spreading out the administrative work so it's more than just Slart and me, and Eric's guidance might be more fair to Slart. But these are only suggestions in my role as a commenter.

To be clear: I'm not asking bloggers who just want to write to take on administrative work. I'm simply noting that if ObWi grows, there will be more administrative work, and the answer to that is simple: delegation, and treeing.

This is how you handle an organization of volunteers.

Which I know since I've been doing it since age 13-14. They were and are called "science fiction conventions" and "amateur press associatons," and I'm an historian of them, and then there are all the other volunteer organizations I've worked on.

This is not complicated stuff. It's herding cats. The only troublesome parts are personalities, and the answer to that is to step back.

And be a little less blunt than I am at times.

Morning's ObWi email now all dealt with.

I may or may not be around today; apologies for being busy, if so. Thanks.

Not to endlessly extend an open thread, but I have recently added a whole lot of Ryan Adams to my iTunes library, and this one seemed relevant to the "just stop it" notion:

I know a sickness
So ancient and cross
No crucifix
Could ever fix enough
In the basement of a church
These people, they talk
There is a line
That must be walked
If you wanna make it stop
Then stop

I know a place
Where the future is denied
I know a hand
That twitches inside
For some of us the glass
Is filled with lights
But if the honey
Makes you sick
Honey, there is a line
That must be walked
If you wanna make it stop
Then stop

Lie down
You don't have to talk
Slow down
Slow down
It's not your fault
Look around
There's so many of us
So many of us
You are not alone


Call in the backup and the backup comes
Nobody can help you if you won't
Inside your chest your heart is just hurt
Behind your eyes a need replaced a want

I know a sickness so ancient and cross
A crucifix can never fix enough
I know a past when the future is lost
I know of a line that must be walked

There is a darkness and there is a light
And there is a choice.
For a balance to be made every night
A weakness must be found
If you want it to stop

It's much better, as most songs are, to hear it sung.

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