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December 25, 2010


Well, Doc, it looks like ObWiers don't much check the blogs on xmas.

Or maybe everyone was scared off by the really, truly awful pun (the bestest kind).

So let me speak for the assembled multitude:

Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Also hope that, unlike my daughter and her husband, you're not looking trepidatiously at the forecast for Sunday night and Monday, which doesn't bode well for travel from Providence to DC, even on the train.

The pun is not original with me, it is by Sandra Boynton.

(8 hours later)

OK we went over the river and through the woods to Grandma's and back. Racist, alcoholic, gun-totin' bro-in-law managed to stay civil until after dinner. Now, daughter's husband has been on hold w/Amtrak for the better part of an hour. They're only going as far South as DC, but trains South of Richmond have already been cancelled for tomorrow - definitely not a good sign.

Scylla and Charybdis: If they leave tomorrow, they'll be going South (from Providence) into the thick of it, and there likely won't be any transportation from Union Station to Arlington, where they live. But if they plan on their scheduled departure Monday mid-morning, its possible we won't be able to get them to the train in downtown Providence. Damn.

Kid has always had terrible travel karma.

@ efgoldman:

Yes, Mother Nature is certainly being a stone bitch this December - at least as far as travel is concerned. At least your kids only have domestic travel to deal with: we have cousins (parents & two kids) who decided to fly to Europe ("England and France") over the Xmas holiday (great planning!) and are supposed to be flying back tomorrow - to (oddly) Raleigh, NC! I just hope their "Xmas 2010" story has something in it NOT relating to Heathrow/CDG, etc....

@Jay C
I believe you and I are currently posting at the same time here and at BJ.

Take that, Gary Farber.

And, efgoldman, we have been posting here and at TNC's place. The good people find out the good places -- that's the free market for you, right?

Hope you are all staying warm. We're enjoying summer rain over here on the southern half of the world, and my zucchinis are thriving as a result.

Happy New Year. There's something great about starting the year with a really good long holiday.


Pinch off those zucchini blossoms and cook with them! otherwise you'll be hip-deep in zucchini in a month or so ...

I hope everyone had a wondeful holiday.

I am blessed with relatives that I like. We alwasy have great Christmases which build inot a cresendo of protracted gift giving. Tomorrow I am taking my in laws to the dog rescue to (hopefully) pick out a dog. It will be the perfect CHristmas if one of our dogs gets a home!

Panda hippo gnu deer!

Face everyday with a smile.

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