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December 02, 2010


What astonishes me is that every Serious pundit made the rounds right after the leak was announced to insist that there was nothing to see here. Of course, none of them had read any of the cables before making the pronouncement.

Thanks for the update; I would have missed thi sone. Looking forward to more new information as it comes out.

Wait, didn't we already know this? This isn't a problem of secrecy. It's a problem of whether to trust self-interested parties.

We knew some of it, but not the specifics of how the US came to be so misled about what was happening early in the conflict. Which is to say, that it happened because the US ambassador was totally suckered by the Georgians.

I'd like more information on what, exactly, the US ambassador might have said, but I don't think it's outrageous to speculate that his excessively sympathetic attitude prior to the conflict contributed to confidence on the part of the Georgians that they could get away with it or even get the US involved on their side. The US has made secret promises that turned out badly before. It's not a hypothetical problem.

Thanks for posting this.

And of course we all remember the very serious John McCain . . .

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