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October 05, 2010


The solution is to create a new ACORN under another innocuous name that is equal to Blackwater in ruthlessness, brutality, and firepower.

Rather than registering low-come people to vote and participate in the political system, though that could continue as one segment of the business, arm and train entire low-income neightborhoods throughout America to effect radical change and combat the domestic menace.

I suspect there are former Blackwater mercenaries who, given the proper incentives, would agree to work with the new ACORN had help it to achieve its redefined mission.


I exist to serve man.

Let me not then glance at your cookbook...

ACORN doesn't need to change its business. or anything about it. All it needs is to spend some money on creating shell corporations. Just like Blackwater. (OK, maybe it needs to change its name to something hard to pronounce, too.)

How about Xo

How about making the right wing thing that Blackwater (Xe) has been given a secret contract by Obama to register black voters?

This could work! But needs a pinch more Muslim...

"The Xe name is clearly an example of a cross on its side. And the overthrow of Christianity is a Muslim goal...."

Would that work?

Eric Prince: the hidden imam!

Why isn't security for US embassies and their inhabitants a military responsibility?

Why are private contractors involved *at all*?

the military is sacred. none shall stand in the way of what it wants.

voter outreach is a communist ploy to bring undesirables into the electoral process. it must be stopped.

plus, WRWRG: What The Republicans Want, Republicans Get.

why ACORN was killed by Congress

political cowardice

Why are private contractors involved *at all*?

Because soldiers are scary. And because of turf battles between the DOD and State. And because contractors are expendable. And because contractors really are often more capable at some missions than military units that rotate in and out every 6 to 18 months.

But it is mostly because State wants control of its missions and can't be controlled by DOD manning priorities.

The gentleman's name is David Neiwert.
The (allegedly*) former boss of Blackwater, Mr. Prince, is also a religious extremist, a Kristian(TM) and as such of course a darling of the GOP (and parts of the military leadership).

*I don't believe for a moment that he actually withdrew from his creation.

But it is mostly because State wants control of its missions and can't be controlled by DOD manning priorities.

Thanks jrudkis. That actually makes sense.

For some reason I had an image in my head that security at embassies was handled by the Marines, but apparently that was incorrect.

My next question would be why we're hiring contractors rather than having a dedicated security staff of federal employees, working under the direction of State.

Private armies for hire just seems like a really, really bad idea. In any context.

Especially when the price tag is in the BILLIONS of dollars. Call me crazy, but it seems like you could whip up a pretty good dedicated State Dept security staff for a number with three commas in it.

Security at most embassies is handled by Marines. But in war zones, Marines have better things to do.

The gentleman's name is David Neiwert.

That's more or less what I was getting at with my last comment. As is too often the case, I was too cryptic.

So: Niewert, not Niewart

But in war zones, Marines have better things to do.

Fine. For billions of dollars State can stand up their own security service.

I'd like to see us get out of the private armies for hire scenario.

Alright slarti/hartmut, fixed again. I hope. I blame the guy for not being named Smith.

Sure. Blame the victim.

Oh. Own goal. In correcting Eric, I screwed up the spelling in a different way.


I give up, and join the crowd blaming the victim.

So you've seen the light.

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