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October 30, 2010


One year old you are, as cute in a Yoda costume you will not look.
I had no idea Yoda was Amish.


(I'm also thinking a faint Flying Nun influence, perhaps, but that's probably projection.)

Cute, Eric, though you have to remember the secret of Jedis' success is their reliance on "mind tricks" - as in "Jedi mind tricks".

bumble bees'll do that to ya.

that's a beautiful boy eric.

Sorry, the kids adorable but the hat looks more like the donkey in Pinocchio...Just sayin.

Victor and his mom:

Victor and his mom


(meant in a good way ;)

I see your gangster and raise you a fairy princess.

Actually, this is from last year. This year she's going to be a pumpkin. Pictures to follow.

Well played Chuchundra.

Where, pray tell, is Jacob Davies with his entry in the contest?

I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee
Won't my mother be so proud of me?

Will take some photos later - we forgot the costume when we went to the Piedmont Ave Halloween Parade in Oakland yesterday, but saw a lot of great kid costumes. My favorite was the kid dressed as a garbage guy pulling a little handcart they'd turned into a tiny garbage truck.

All cute photos!

Halloween is a great holiday, I like the fact that it gets kids out in their neighborhoods and forces them to talk to strangers. Those are undervalued experiences.

Victor went out tonight with his best bud, Brandon. They both got tired early. Thank goodness, I'm not so hot in the dark with these cataracts. (Surgery on the 10th.)


I can has?


That is verra, verra cute, Jacob!

Trick? There is no trick. There is only treat.

I would have very much liked that Wolverine costume when I was that age.

I would have very much liked that Wolverine costume when I was that age.
Yur in my memory base, killing my youth d00ds.

When I was a kid, Wolverine hadn't been invented yet, and Lee and Kirby only invented the original X-Men when I was about to turn 5.

(I used to have some issues with single digits, and the first set of teens, before my father threw them out, along with the rest of my collection of that beginning-of-the-silver-age; it's a classic custom.)

Also, I used to occasionally see Chris Claremont at sf parties in NY, back in the Eighties, mostly because he was married to Amy Stout (an sf editor), though I doubt Chris remembers me, and probably Amy doesn't, either.

I'm trying to remember what I dressed as at Halloween as a kid, and at the moment, utterly failing. Must ponder.

My oldest X-Men is #23. Also have an Iron Man in the single digits.

Elvis baby, Elvis.

Ovaries? Exploding. What awesomely cute kids.

I saw another wee Yoda at my door last night. She must have been all of 2 years old. I think I actually squeeed.

"My oldest X-Men is #23"

But mine were new.

Well, some of them. The earliest ones I got were when the barbershop was getting rid of them, and they were between a few months to a year or two old.

I liked both DC and Marvel; I swung both ways.

Never got into DC. But in terms of Marvel, I racked up a serious collection of X-Men, Daredevil and Spidey.

New at the time, as well as some back-issues purchased on the side.

"Never got into DC."

I have no idea what the stats are, but lots of readers have always been primarily or entirely readers of just one of the Big Two; I mentioned that, overall, I liked both, since it's unusual.

Some other time, if anyone wants to talk comics, I can expand in more detail as to which era I thought which company was doing the better work and which was sucking more, and talk a little bit about some of the other players (Charlton), and later alternatives, though I immediately confess my knowledge of the rest of comicsdom is highly limited.

More some other time, when I have more time, if anyone cares.

Here's a recent DC fan at the Stewart/Colbert rally.

Meanwhile, Scott Eric Kaufman's latest.

Somewhere on the web lurks a stunning picture of Katherine R. as Queen of the Night with her exquisitely beautiful almost 2-year-old Papagena.

Omit one letter from my blog address and get terrifying results. I will try again with the less personal Open Salon blog.

"Somewhere on the web lurks a stunning picture of Katherine R. as Queen of the Night with her exquisitely beautiful almost 2-year-old Papagena."

I suggested she post it to this thread, but no go, although there are a variety of good reasons not to.

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