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September 16, 2010


Um, Eric? Any deja vu? :-)

Also, the chart was orignally created by Jonathan Cunningham here.

Um, oh yeah. I was just, er, re-promoting it. That's it. Or something.

I need to quit one of my day jobs...

Give up the baby. Have you no sense of priorities?

But, you know, now that you have grieviously offended me by this horrific act of obviously malicious plagiarism, I think you had better do something pretty special for me to make up for it.

It's time for me to finally use that Ultimate Leverage blackmail material I have on you.

I'll be sending you my terms by email. We'll soon see publically if you've met my demands, which are of the most demanding sort of demanding demands.

Looking more closely, I see that this chart is slightly modified from the one I posted and linked to, which lacked the Qu'an-burners.

So you, in fact, added value with that updated point!

And it is still wrong. Not that I pointed it out before, but it wasn't the primary point of Gary's post. Those little dots should be at the boundaries, not completely embedded in the respective groups.
Surely there may be some American or non Muslim Al Qaeda and some non American Qu'ran burners.

Let no one else's work evade your eyes.
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes
So don't shade your eyes
But, plagiarize, Plagiarize, PLAGIARIZE.

Only be sure always to call it, please,

Ack. Italics, OFF!


I only just learned (at the age of 40) that Lobachevsky was the independent inventor of hyberbolic non-Euclidean geometry, and not a famous mathematical plagiarist. Lehrer should be ashamed!

I see only one problem with this diagram: the decision to persecute Muslims doesn't really have a lot to do with them. It has to do with you. I should really say us, because as a Canadian I share the same enlightenment heritage, the same ideal of freedom under law, that you do.

If your compatriots, or mine, decide to persecute Muslims, burn Mosques or even prevent Muslims from building them, then that will happen not because of Muslims but because we will have abandoned our shared enlightenment heritage, the belief that the free contention of ideals, ideals, faiths and vision gives us the best possible way to determine, and live, the truth.

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